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On-Time Performance of North American Airlines Slumps to 66.1 Percent in June


On-time performance of North American airlines experienced a significant decline during the month of June. Notably Alaska Airlines was the sole carrier reporting an on-time performance of 80.3 percent. According to Cirium’s monthly report, the average on-time performance plunged more than 10 percentage points from the previous month. June recorded a 66.1 percent compared to 78.7 percent a month earlier.

Even Alaska Airlines’ performance had slipped from the May figure of 84.7 percent. As for the other eight carriers, the percentage-point declines varied from 7.1 percent for United Airlines to a staggering 17.7 percent for Air Canada.

Delta Airlines: Global On-Time Performance List

Amidst the global contenders, Delta Airlines stood alone, representing North America on the on-time list. Positioned at the eighth spot, its on-time performance reached a modest 79.7 percent. With this the carrier fell from its previous second-place position in May.

Weather Woes Impacting On-Time Performance of North American Airlines 

One of the major factors contributing to the performance decline was the inclement weather that plagued the region throughout June. Particularly in the New York area, harsh weather conditions wreaked havoc, further compounded by a shortage of air traffic controllers. Moreover, reduced visibility due to Canadian wildfire smoke added to the carriers’ woes, making it difficult for them to adhere to their schedules.

The number of flight cancellations also skyrocketed in June, with North American airlines recording a staggering 17,414 canceled flights, almost triple the 6,042 cancellations in May. Due to this many passengers had to endure the inconvenience of disrupted travel plans.

When is a flight considered to be on-time?

To put it simply, a flight is considered on time when an aircraft arrives at the gate in 15 minutes or less of the scheduled arrival time. 

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It is evident that a collective effort is required to improve on-time performance in the future. By prioritizing punctuality and enhancing their strategies, carriers can restore faith in air travel and ensure smoother journeys. With a decline in the on-time performance of North American airlines in June, was your flight affected? Comment below and share your experience. 

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