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New York JFK Airport Ranks 2nd in the Top 50 Global Megahubs 2023 List

Global Mega Hubs
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The United States is known for having the largest aviation market worldwide. It boasts of state-of-the-art airports that are well-connected to not just domestic but international destinations as well. Recently, the prominent flight information provider, OAG, unveiled its Global Mega Hubs 2023 list, shining a spotlight on the top airports worldwide. And New York JFK Airport was ranked 2nd in this prominent list of megahubs 2023. 

What is the Megahubs Index?

The Megahubs Index, an annual publication by OAG, evaluates airports around the world based on their international connectivity levels. It quantifies the effectiveness of leading international airport hubs as connecting points on both global and regional scales, using a connectivity index.

How are the Rankings Determined?

OAG constructs the Megahubs Index using its flight data platform, which encompasses the most extensive airline schedules and global flight connections database globally. This data enables the dynamic assessment of connections and the creation of unique rankings.

The rankings are determined by comparing the number of scheduled connections to and from international flights with the number of destinations accessible from the airport.

JFK Airport’s Remarkable Ascent

In this year’s Megahubs Index, New York’s JFK Airport (JFK) secures the 2nd position. The airport has made substantial improvement in the rankings, significantly advancing from 18th place in 2019. This remarkable climb is attributed, in part, to American Airlines (AA), which has expanded its international destinations by seven in 2023. 

Other Notable Megahubs

Among the Top 20 Global Megahubs 2023, other significant Megahubs include Atlanta, the world’s busiest airport, occupying the 14th spot. Chicago O’Hare stands at position 10, a decline from its 3rd place ranking in 2019.

All You Need to Know About the Megahubs 2023 List

  • JFK International Airport has surged from the 18th spot in 2019 to claim the title of the world’s second-most connected airport. Chicago airport retains its status as number 1 in the US and ranks 10th globally. Atlanta airport stands at number 2 among airports in USA and 14th globally.
  • Six North American airports secure positions within the world’s Top 20 most connected, including Chicago, Atlanta, and Denver.
  • Los Angeles International Airport has made significant progress, ascending 15 spots since 2019 to rank 7 in the US. 
  • Delta Air Lines and United Airlines dominate the share of flights at the top three US airports. Southwest Airlines now reigns as the dominant carrier at four of the US’s Top 25 airports.
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai are the two Indian airports featured in the Top 50 Global Megahubs 2023 list. While DEL was ranked 25, BOM was placed on number 34. 
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR) has reclaimed its status as the world’s number one most internationally connected airport.

The Global Megahubs 2023 Index highlights the dynamic nature of international connectivity in the aviation industry, with New York’s JFK Airport making remarkable improvement in securing the 2nd spot globally. Indian Eagle flights offer seamless connectivity between the megahubs in the USA and India. So, if you are planning to travel soon, book your itinerary and experience the world-class services at these airports.

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