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The Remarkable New Delhi Culture and Tradition

New Delhi Culture and Tradition
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New Delhi, the charismatic capital of India, is inhabited by people from all over the country. New Delhi culture and tradition is among the most fascinating one ever and it collectively represents the country’s diversity – be it in terms of religion or region. Home to the spectacular Rashtrapati Bhavan, or the Presidential Residence, it is also the political capital of the country where all important decisions are made. Its impressive and vast history has left a huge impact on New Delhi culture and tradition. Famed and loved for its charming blend of old and new, this is one of the best cities to visit in India. Here’s a look at some of the most important aspects of New Delhi culture and tradition that set it apart from the rest.

Art and Culture of Delhi:

A prime cultural center in India, Delhi has for long attracted skilled craftsmen, musicians, painters, and dancers among other artists. The magnificent arts and crafts are a vital part of the rich heritage and culture of Delhi. From miniature Mughal paintings to the spectacular Qutub festival, the art scene of New Delhi is simply fantastic. With a diverse blend of people living here, New Delhi culture facts are pretty interesting. The multilingual, multicultural, and multi-ethnic crowd has made Delhi culture and lifestyle among the most intriguing ones ever. Visit on cheap last minute flights and experience firsthand the spellbinding New Delhi culture and tradition.

Historical Monuments in New Delhi

New Delhi is among the best places to visit in India for history and architecture enthusiasts. There are scores of iconic monuments one can explore in Delhi such as the Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, and Lodhi Gardens among others. All of these are amazing places to visit with family, friends, or your other half. You can take your kids to these fantastic places and make it a fun-cum-educational trip. They will learn more in details about the incredibly interesting New Delhi culture and tradition.

Music and Dance Forms of New Delhi:

This Travel Guide to Delhi cannot be complete without a mention of traditional art and entertainment.Delhi is an absolute must-visit for music and dance connoisseurs. This is among the most important parts of New Delhi culture and tradition. There are several prominent auditoriums in Delhi where performances are done by renowned artists from around the world. Some of the popular auditoriums you can visit include the FICCI Auditorium, Kamani Auditorium, and the Pragati Maidan Auditoriums. The Digamber Festival held in August is an awesome event where top musicians from across the country gather to perform. Listening to Qawwalis at Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah is a must-do!

When it comes to dance, classical forms are found aplenty in New Delhi culture and tradition. Various performances are held every now and then to showcase spectacular classical Delhi culture dance. However, there are several discotheques and dance clubs where a mix of Indian, Bollywood, and international dance forms are done.

Languages of New Delhi

Language is a vital part of New Delhi culture and tradition. The official language of New Delhi is Hindi. However, since a lot of foreigners book business class flights and make work trips to Delhi, English is used for official purposes. That being said, the most commonly spoken languages by Delhiites (as the people of Delhi are called) are Hindi and Punjabi. Urdu is also spoken by a lot of people.

Religion in New Delhi

As per 2011 census, about 89 percent of Delhi population is Hindu. About 4.5 percent are Muslims, 0.4 percent are Jains, 2.0 percent are Sikhs, and 2.9 percent are Christians. Buddhists, Jews, and Parsis can also be found here. Thereby, New Delhi culture and tradition is incredibly diverse even when it comes to religion.

New Delhi Culture Dress:

Since the population of the city is an eclectic mix of people from all over the country, the traditional costumes of Delhi personify Unity in Diversity. Salwar Kameez is the traditional dress of womenfolk in Delhi. The style has been imported from the Turkish-Persian region and the dress is stylized in various ways currently. You will find Salwar Kameez with embroidery, stone, and mirror work. Different types of paint and cutwork also come into play. Other traditional dresses worn by women in Delhi include Ghagra Cholis, and Saris. Western wear is generally preferred by students.

Men in Delhi wear Sherwanis as traditional costumes. A fabulous part of New Delhi culture and tradition, the Sherwanis are studded with stones, beads, and other spectacular work. Western wear such as jeans and formal suits are also worn by men in Delhi.

New Delhi Culture Food:

There is no typical Delhi cuisine since people from all possible backgrounds and various corners of the country have migrated here. They have all had a tremendous impact on Delhi cuisine and made food here an assortment of various sorts. Dishes in Delhi depict a perfect blend of Mughal, Persian, Indian, and other influences. However, if you’re a foodie, you will find that the street food in Delhi is a must-try. This is the best aspect of New Delhi culture and tradition. Incredible dishes are served straight up from the kitchen and suit all types of budgets. From paranthas and aloo chaat to kebabs and Indo-Chinese fast food, try it all!

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New Delhi Festivals and Fairs:

A fusion of ethnic diversities, New Delhi celebrates festivals of all religions with equal pomp and fervor. There is no difference between the celebration of Bihar’s Chhath Puja and West Bengal’s Durga Pujo. Nor is there any difference between the grand celebrations of Punjab’s Lohri and the Islamic Eid-ul-Fitr. Christmas is celebrated on a grand scale as well. This incredible Unity-in-Diversity is among the best things about New Delhi culture and tradition setting it apart from the rest. It’s a great idea to book cheap flights to Delhi and come to be a part of the absolutely thrilling and grand New Year’s celebrations in Delhi. Replete with hip DJs, mouthwatering food, and fellow party-enthusiasts, this is the best festival to be a part of in New Delhi.

It is always advisable to learn more while traveling and if the financial capital appeals to you then read up on places to visit near Delhi.

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