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Mumbai Airport International Terminal Adds Eight Security Lanes to Expand Security Check Facility

Mumbai Airport International Terminal
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Mumbai International Airport is taking significant steps to improve crowd management and enhance the travel experience for passengers. The airport has recently unveiled the second phase of its pre-embarkation security check facility at Terminal 2, introducing new security lanes and expanding the processing space. With this expansion, the security check area at Mumbai airport international terminal has become one of the largest in the country. 

The primary objective of the expansion is to provide faster and more secure travel for passengers. So, the next time you are flying to Mumbai with Indian Eagle tickets, you might breeze through the security process. In line with this, the authorities have designated priority lanes for passengers with children, senior citizens, and specially-abled individuals. The authorities ensure that they cater to their needs efficiently, allowing for a smoother journey through the airport.

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Improved Efficiency and Timely Transfers for Passengers

The recent enhancements have also resulted in a reduction in Minimum Connecting Time, benefiting passengers with connecting flights by enabling timely transfers. The airport’s capacity enhancement initiatives have been instrumental in streamlining operations and ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Enhanced Security Check Facilities for a Seamless Travel Experience

The newly expanded security check facility at Mumbai Airport Terminal 2 boasts a total dedicated space of 5,735 sq m for security screening. Additionally, a new domestic transfer security check area spanning 328 sq m has been created. The redesigned pre-embarkation security check provides a contiguous processing area of approximately 2,075 sq m, making it one of the largest in the country. The infrastructure upgrades significantly enhance the processing capacity at Terminal 2, further reinforcing the airport’s commitment to delivering world-class services to its passengers.

To ensure a smooth and pleasant experience, CSMIA has posted ‘Goodness Champions’, who are service specialists dedicated to guiding passengers through the security check process. Furthermore, the airport has implemented priority lanes for specific passenger groups, recognizing the importance of catering to diverse needs.

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With these enhanced facilities, CSMIA continues to prioritize providing a systematic and hassle-free travel experience. The airport’s focus on infrastructure development and passenger satisfaction sets a new benchmark for airports in the country, solidifying its position as a leading aviation hub in the region. No matter if you are traveling through flights to Mumbai or flying out of the city, you can expect a seamless journey through the security check process. This will definitely ensure a positive start to your travel experience from Mumbai airport international terminal.

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