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Most Haunted Places in USA You Must Visit

most haunted places in usa
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Are you interested in ghost stories or just want to experience the thrill of adrenaline? Visiting these most haunted places in USA will undoubtedly leave you with amazing memories and maybe even a few ghostly experiences. So gather your friends, and go out on an exciting journey to learn about the gloomy aspects of American history.

There is a long history of mysterious things and restless spirits connected with these haunted places. Get ready to immerse yourself in the strange atmosphere as you visit these haunting areas and maybe experience the paranormal. Here are some of the top haunted places in USA.

List of Haunted Places in USA

  1. Savannah, Georgia
  2. Chicago, Illinois
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana
  4. St. Augustine, Florida
  5. The Stanley Hotel; Estes Park, Colorado
  6. Portland, Oregon

Savannah, Georgia

Explore Savannah, Georgia’s ghostly history as you explore buildings and cemeteries from the Civil War era that are home to ghosts and strange events. Discover the paranormal activities at The Marshall House, a former hospital where ghostly children wander the corridors and taps turn on without warning.

Chicago, Illinois

Explore the scary history of the place. You can visit the Congress Plaza Hotel for a unique experience that includes whispering, unexpected elevator stops, and moving items.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Discover Louisiana’s New Orleans’s haunted homes, farms, and cemeteries. Here you can visit the 200-year-old Old Absinthe House pub and take part in the spectral celebration where doors open and close without human touch and bottles move on their own. If you are planning a trip to USA, then book Indian Eagle flight deals. So that you can enjoy a memorable and budget-friendly vacation.

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the United States, has stories of terror and torture at its Old Jail. It is an absolute must-visit for anyone looking for a paranormal experience because visitors say they’ve heard footsteps, clanking chains, frightening laughter, and even the touch of a cold hand.

The Stanley Hotel; Estes Park, Colorado

One of the most haunted locations in the world is said to be the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. There is a rumor that Freelan Oscar and Flora Stanley, the hotel’s original proprietors, haven’t left the house since it opened in 1909. Visitors who have dwelled there state that Mrs. Stanley is sometimes seen playing the piano, that Mr. Stanley often appears in photos, and that if you hear carefully, you can often hear kids laughing through the hallways. 

Portland, Oregon

Explore hidden gems that go beyond the city’s entertaining Halloween reputation. Explore the Shanghai Tunnels, with a scary past filled with kidnapping, murder, and other criminal activity. Here you will find experienced guides who will share the strange tales that reverberate through these underground passageways.

These are some of the most haunted places in USA where you can have an amazing adventure. So don’t wait anymore. Book cheap USA to India flights and have a thrilling journey where the distinction between the supernatural and the real world becomes hazy. 

These spooky locations are more than simply locations; they’re the entryways to a strange experience you won’t soon forget. Take the opportunity and enjoy the excitement of the trip.

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