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Reasons Why Ahmedabad Emerged as Manchester of India 2022



Despite the fact that India has been independent for 75 years, a piece of England still lives and breathes in the state of Gujarat. Yes, Ahmedabad, our very own Manchester! The English city is well-known for its industrial heritage and cotton mills, which is beautifully reflected in Ahmedabad’s textile history. 

Both Manchester’s River Mersey and Ahmedabad’s River Sabarmati have attractive riverside locations and the ideal temperature for cotton spinning. Let’s explore why it’s titled “the Manchester of India.”

Ahmedabad Emerged as Manchester of India
Source: Travel Dairy

Ahmedabad has been labeled “India’s Manchester” for all the right reasons. This city has gained much-needed fame thanks to its leading cotton textile manufacturers, architectural marvels, and intriguing rich history.

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