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Los Angeles Travel Guide: When to Go; What to See, Eat; Where to Stay, Shop etc.


Los angeles travel Guide-Travel diaryLos Angeles is a city that offers numerous options for travelers seeking fun, entertainment, outdoor recreation, and a great shopping and dining experience. The second-biggest city in the USA is home to Hollywood, which is a reason enough for serious movie buffs across the world to book international flights to this city for a peek into the world of filmmaking. The behind-the-scenes tours offered by popular studios like Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures Studios are quite popular with tourists. 

While Los Angeles’ balmy beaches and Mediterranean climate invite beach lovers for a laid-back holiday, its family-friendly destinations such as Disneyland and Universal Studios are the reason for its popularity as a family holiday destination. Art and architecture enthusiasts and food and shopping lovers will be left spoiled for choice in LA. So, why don’t you plan your trip? Check out this Los Angeles travel guide to know the ideal time to visit LA, its top tourist attractions, best neighborhoods, must-try food items, and famous shopping destinations.

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Los Angeles Travel Guide Infographic

Now that you have the best Los Angeles travel guide in handy, what’s the wait for? Plan your itinerary today and book Indian Eagle flight tickets to the ‘City of Angels’ for huge savings on airfare!


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