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Indian Government May Soon Remove Air Suvidha Mandate


Removal of Air Suvidha Requirements may be a PossibilityIn light of reduced number of COVID-19 cases in the country and worldwide; the Indian government may soon do away with the Air Suvidha portal.

Introduced in the month of August 2020, Air Suvidha is a self-reporting portal for international arrivals in India. All air passengers arriving in the country had to fill in details about their travel plans, vaccination status and COVID-19 test results before departure from source destination. But this may soon change. Government agencies are planning to monitor the COVID situation for the next eight weeks and accordingly make a decision regarding scraping the portal.

As most countries in the world are also easing up restrictions and mandatory requirements for international passengers, dropping the mandate for Air Suvidha may be a welcome news for travelers. However, this may not come about till August this year at least; as per the latest update by the Health Ministry.

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