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7 Helpful Tips on How to Find Cheapest USA to India Flights for Dussehra

How to find cheapest USA to India flights for Dussehra
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No matter where you live, you might want to visit your family during the festivals. Even if you live with your loved ones, celebrating festivals in India will make these occasions even more special. As Dussehra is approaching soon, you can visit the incredible country to witness the grand celebrations yourself. But if not planned in advance, last-minute travel can be expensive. If you are wondering how to find cheapest USA to India flights for Dussehra, continue reading. 

Here are some tips to find cheap flights from USA to India for Dussehra:

Plan Your Trip 2 Months in Advance

One of the best tips to find cheap USA to India flights is always planning your trip in advance. This will not only let you travel on the date of your choice but can also help you save quite a few dollars by getting you the best deals. But if you missed booking your itinerary 2 months early, Indian Eagle tickets will let you enjoy the festival of Dussehra on a budget. You can make use of Indian Eagle’s last-minute deals to grab the best airfare available. 

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Make Use of the Dussehra Flight Discounts

Many airlines and travel websites offer special Dussehra flight discounts to attract more travelers. You can do some research and book your international flight tickets from the website that’s offering you the best USA to India flight deal. 

Search Using the Incognito Mode

This is one of the most common tips to find cheap flights. No matter if you are planning ahead or booking last-minute flights from USA to India, always make sure that you are using the incognito mode. This is because most of the websites will save your data, and when you return the prices of the flight tickets tend to increase. So to avoid paying more, search and book flights in the incognito mode. 

Make Use of the Cricket World Cup Flight Offers

In case you are still thinking about how to find cheapest USA to India flights for Dussehra, we might have a unique solution. This year, the Cricket World Cup in India will take place between October and November, coinciding with Dussehra. And many travel websites and airlines have already started offering ODI World Cup flight discounts for cricket enthusiasts. You can make use of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and book cheap USA to India flights to get home for Dussehra. 

Try Booking a Round Trip

Most of the time, booking a round trip is cheaper than booking a one-way flight to India. Try searching for flights on different websites, compare prices, and then proceed by choosing the best available flight deal. If you are flying with your family, you can find cheap group travel flight offers especially during festivals like Dussehra. 

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Book Flights with Indian Eagle 

Booking your itinerary with Indian Eagle is your answer for how to find cheapest USA to India flights for Dussehra. It is a reputed online flight booking company that has been offering affordable travel solutions to the Indian diaspora in USA for 15+ years. No matter if you are traveling off-season or even during the festive period, you can get the best flight deal available and travel to India on a budget. 

Utilize Your Airline Miles 

Like they say, loyalty does pay off! If you are loyal to a particular airline, you can make use of your airline miles to get a huge discount or even a free flight from USA to India. Although this is beneficial for frequent travelers, enrolling in an airline’s frequent flyer program is an excellent idea for everyone.  

You might have got your answer for how to find cheapest USA to India flights for Dussehra in this article. If you are planning to visit India for Dussehra, try booking your flights using any of the tips mentioned above. Hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy the festival with your family and friends without worrying about your budget. 

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