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A Guide to Rajmachi Trek to Make the Most of Your Trip

Guide to Rajmachi Trek
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Trekking, a popular adventure sport, is gaining popularity in India. Many people are traveling to specific places that offer numerous adrenaline-rushing activities. From Manali to Gokarna, the country is filled with such destinations that are a perfect amalgamation of thrill and entertainment. One of the most famous of these is the Rajmachi Trek. Located close to the popular cities of Mumbai and Pune, a visit here is a great place to enjoy the amazing views of the Sahyadri mountain range. 

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Best Things to Do in Rajmachi 

 1)  Opt for Trekking

As the name suggests, Rajmachi is known for trekking and is popular among adventure sports lovers. No matter if you are an expert or just a beginner, you can try trekking here. Make sure you carry all the essentials from comfortable clothes, footwear, and medicine to sunscreen and sunglasses. Make sure that you start a little early and don’t forget to carry a camera in case you want to click some photographs.  

 2)  Go Camping

You get a great experience by camping at Rajmachi hills. The arrangements are made keeping in mind the comfort and preferences of the visitors. So, you can go and camp with your family without any worry. Just sit by the bonfire or your tent and spend the night stargazing.  

You can choose to camp at Udhewadi, a small village with a low population in Pune. Many trekkers, while descending, camp at this village after sunset. You will get surprised by seeing the villagers welcome you and offer you a homestay. Enjoy freshly-prepared home-cooked food at the residence of the villagers. 

  3)  Enjoy Bird Watching 

Rajmachi, one of the best places for trekking in India, is also known to offer some of the best bird-watching experiences. The Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary attracts several migratory birds, especially in winter. Pawna Lake near Lonavala is another famous bird-watching spot.  

Tourists gather at this lake in large numbers as they get an opportunity to watch not only the birds, but even fireflies illuminating the surroundings. 

Popular Treks in Rajmachi 

The Shrivardhan Fort Trek and the Rajmachi Fort Trek are the two popular treks at Rajmachi. 

 (i) Shrivardhan Fort Trek 

This is a short trek that takes you to the top of Shrivardhan Fort. It is located nearly 3000 ft above the sea level and offers some of the best views. It will take approximately two days for you to reach this fort. The two popular routes used for this trek are Lonavala-Tungarli and Karjat-Kondivade. 

(ii)  Rajmachi Fort Trek 

This is a long trek that will take you to the iconic Shrivardhan fort and Manoranjan Rajmachi fort. The two common routes used during this trek are from Lonavala and the Kondhane village. 

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Visiting the Rajmachi Fort 

Rajmachi Fort is one of the best places to visit during this trek. The fort is a popular tourist spot and attracts thousands of people annually. It was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the 17th Century and has witnessed many battles henceforth.

Best Time to Visit Rajmachi 

The best time for a visit to the Rajmachi trek is between October and June. The climate during these months is pleasant and ideal for trekking. You should avoid visiting Rajmachi during July and September as the adverse conditions due to the monsoon could cause landslides, rockfalls, and poor visibility, which makes trekking difficult.  

How to Reach Rajmachi? 

Located in the Sahyadri Mountains, you can easily reach this place from popular Maharashtrian cities such as Mumbai and Pune. This place is approximately 96 kilometers from Mumbai and 119 kilometers from Pune. 

Hire a private cab or commute via public transport to reach here. Another option is to reach Lonavala or Kajrat via train and later continue to Rajmachi by road. Rajmachi Trekking is very popular among locals and tourists. Keep in mind that this place is usually crowded during the holiday season. 

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Enjoy the amazing Rajmachi trek along with your friends or family. Indian Eagle cheap flights are your best option to save more during your budget trip. 

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