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1500+ Flights Canceled in US as Thunderstorms Wreak Havoc in Northeast

1500+ Flights Canceled in US as Thunderstorms Wreak Havoc
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More than 1,500 flights have been grounded across the United States as violent thunderstorms swept through the Northeast on Sunday. The disruptive weather left airports in US scrambling to manage the influx of cancellations and delays.

Newark Airport in New Jersey bore the brunt of the chaos, with over 300 flights canceled, while close to 7,900 flights faced delays. The situation worsened as the day progressed, affecting airports across the region, as reported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Boston Logan International Airport experienced significant disruptions as well. JFK Airport had 318 flights canceled and 426 flights delayed, while LaGuardia Airport saw 270 cancellations and 292 delays. Meanwhile, Boston Logan International Airport suffered 259 cancellations and 459 delays.

Major airlines were also hit hard by the storms. JetBlue had to cancel 283 flights, representing 27% of their scheduled departures, with 445 flights (43%) delayed. Republic Airways, a regional carrier, experienced similar challenges, with 320 flights (32%) canceled and 201 flights (20%) delayed. Delta’s subsidiary, Endeavor Air, reported 174 canceled flights (26%) and 122 delayed flights (18%).

The FAA had issued a warning on Twitter, highlighting the impact of slow-moving thunderstorms on the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast regions. The severe weather extended beyond flight disruptions, with over 56 million people in the Northeast under a flood watch. Heavy rain led to flash flooding in parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. If you are traveling to India and have booked Indian Eagle cheap flights, you can also contact the customer support team to get an update about your flight. 

Waivers by US Airlines

To alleviate the burden on affected passengers, several airlines, including Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airline, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines, offered waivers to travelers. These waivers allowed customers to rebook or receive a full refund for their flights canceled in US without incurring additional fees. However, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines had not yet issued weather waivers at the time of the storm.

While passengers faced the inconvenience of cancellations and delays, the Department of Transportation (DOT) assured them of certain entitlements. Travelers whose flights were canceled had the right to request a full refund, even if they had initially booked non refundable tickets. For delayed domestic or international flights, airlines were not obligated to provide compensation, but many offered vouchers for meals or accommodations during the wait. To help passengers understand their rights, the DOT introduced a dashboard displaying the offerings of major airlines during such disruptions.

As airports worked diligently to resume normal operations, travelers were advised to check their airline’s website for further updates. The impact of the thunderstorms would take time to subside. But with proper information and assistance, passengers could navigate the challenges and continue their journeys safely. With thousands of flights canceled in US, was yours affected too? Comment below and let us know.

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