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Decoding Etihad Airways Baggage Allowance

Etihad Airways Baggage Allowance
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Before you embark on a journey it is important to be well-informed about the baggage policies irrespective of the airlines. Etihad Airways baggage allowance rules are crystal clear. There is no ambiguity with Etihad Airways, as it has a calculator that allows every passenger to easily determine checked baggage & cabin baggage allowance. You are just one click away from understanding how much to bring on board.

Considered a luxury airline, Etihad offers a seamless journey to those traveling from USA to India or anywhere else. And as people on these popular routes are likely to carry a lot of luggage, Etihad Airways baggage allowance rules are curated carefully. Continue reading to know about the weight concept, baggage size etc. 

Weight Concept

Etihad Airways is considerate when it comes to checked baggage allowances, but the “weight concept” would burn a hole in your pocket. Passengers should be aware of this weight concept and do the needful. Moreover, use the calculator.

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Etihad Airways Check in Baggage Size

The weight and dimensions of the baggage allowed by the Etihad Airways depends on the class that you are travelling. 

Economy Class
7 kg – One Cabin Bag

Max Size: (56 x 23 x 36 cm)


Business Class 
12 kg – 2 Cabin Bag 

Max Size of 2 baggage: (56 x 23 x 36 cm)


Etihad Airways business class allows an additional 2 cabin bags of 5 kgs each, which should be smaller in size to keep personal items. The max size should be 19 cm x 39 cm x 23 cm.

Comprehensive Understanding of Etihad Airways Weight Concept

Etihad Airways baggage allowance is based on the weight concept. Thereby, make sure to use the calculator. The baggage and weight concept depends on where you are flying from, for instance, there is a variation if you are travelling to/from USA.

According to the Etihad baggage size and weight rules, passengers are allowed to carry a maximum number of bags; however, the weight is standard, and the aggregate weight of the combined bags, and suitcase shouldn’t exceed what is there on the ticket.  

The luggage policy differs for flights from USA. They use the “piece concept” where in passengers should carry limited suitcases with maximum weight.

Etihad rewards passengers who have loyalty membership. The loyalty membership is categorized into different levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). Passengers who opted for loyalty membership would be allowed to carry extra weight & baggage depending on the loyalty category and the class of flight ticket.

Loyalty Membership for Economy Class

Passengers on a loyalty membership and purchased economy class tickets.

Loyalty Membership for Economy Class
Source: Travel Diary

Loyalty Membership for Business Class

Passengers on loyalty membership and travelling through business class.

Loyalty Membership for Business Class
Source: Travel Diary

Loyalty Membership for First Class

Passengers on loyalty membership and travelling through first class.

Loyalty Membership for First Class
Source: Travel Diary

The single bag shouldn’t be more than 32 kg. The bag size of a passenger on the loyalty program should be 45 cm x 90 cm x 72 cm.

Etihad Baggage Size and Weight for the USA

The policies vary for flights from the USA. The Etihad baggage weight system does not apply to the US. There is a different system called the “Piece Concept.”

Unlike the weight concept; in Piece Concept, there is a limit to the number of bags a passenger can carry, but the weight remains constant. The number of bags allowed is 2.

However, passengers on the loyalty programs can carry additional baggage irrespective of whichever class they are travelling through.

Every passenger travelling in economy class but under gold, silver, and platinum membership can carry up to 3 bags.

First class & business class passengers under the loyalty program can carry three checked bags of 32 kgs each.

Etihad Airways Fee for Overweight Baggage

Etihad baggage weight policy is quite stringent and in case the weight exceeds there will be exorbitant charges. You can contact the airline representative or check the website to know what you need to pay as the prices can vary. 

Knowing everything about the Etihad Airways baggage allowance will let you have a seamless experience. You can book cheap Etihad flights so your Indian Eagle itinerary is not just affordable but hassle-free as well.


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