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Emirates Airbus A380 Aircraft Parts to Be Repurposed into Limited Edition Accessories

Emirates Is Turning Airbus A380 Parts Into Handbags, Belts, & More
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Emirates is considered one of the world’s safest airlines. It is not just actively working to make its operations safer for the passengers but even for the environment. The airline frequently receives accolades for its sustainable initiatives. It has recently unveiled a special amenity kit for premium and economy class passengers to raise awareness about endangered species. And now Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft parts will be repurposed to create belts, handbags and various other accessories. 

Airbus A380: Aircrafted by Emirates 

Launching the new initiative, Emirates stands true to its spirit of innovation. The airline aims to be environmentally more responsible in all its operations and activities. Repurposing the Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft parts, the airline will introduce a one-of-kind capsule collection of bags, luggage and other such items. 

With the tagline, “Aircrafted by Emirates”, the airline introduced the limited edition items including suitcases, handbags, backpacks, belts, shoes and toiletry bags. These are all carefully-handcrafted by Emirates tailors and will be available for purchase in Emirates official stores by next year. The airline is not just being sustainable but it is also contributing to people in need. This is as the profits through its sales will go to less fortunate children. 

Leather from couches in Emirates A380 onboard lounge, aluminum from headrests, fur from the captain’s seat, and seatbelts have all been repurposed into crafting these limited edition Emirates accessories. 

As part of the Emirates retrofit program, 14,000 kg of materials has been used from 16 retrofitted aircraft. Around 270 kg leather and up to 627 kg seat fabric per aircraft will be utilized as the project is still active. 

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Customization Available 

For the items that have been repurposed using Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft parts, customers can request for personalization. Laser engraving will be available for suitcases, bags or even document holders. If you travel through Emirates flights regularly, you must definitely get your hands on this limited edition collection. 

This upcycling initiative will not only help utilize the Emirates aircraft fleet innovatively but will also help the airline remain sustainably conscious. As the airline is using SAF on some of its routes, you can book Indian Eagle flight to make your contribution towards a sustainable future. And when the limited edition accessories repurposed from Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft parts is launched, you can be amongst the first ones to make a purchase in Emirates official stores.

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