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Flying Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts of Air Travel


Flying Etiquette

When you are in a social setting, it is expected of you that you abide by certain etiquette. Flying is no exception to this. While air travel can be stressful in itself (what with altitude change, moving across time zones, air sickness, etc.) the in-flight behavior of certain passengers can add to the uneasiness on a plane and put you in a bad mood. Here are certain do’s and don’ts of air travel that ensure the flight journey is as comfortable and trouble-free as possible for both yourself and your fellow passengers.

DO Dress Up in Layers

The temperature inside the air cabin is freezing cold one moment and sweltering hot the other moment. The best way to deal with cabin temperature fluctuations is to dress yourself up in layers. And when you choose your layers, do opt for buttoned or zip-up clothes so that it is easy for you to put them on or pull them off without causing trouble to the passenger next to you unlike crewnecks and pullovers (removing which you could unintentionally wake up the sleeping passenger sitting beside you).

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DON’T Block the Aisle when Boarding

In their anxiety to find their seat and enough space for their carry-on luggage, most passengers tend to block the aisle, causing inconvenience to other passengers. Stay relaxed and wait patiently until your zone is called for boarding and when you find your seat, don’t fuss over luggage while still standing on the aisle. Get seated and help others get to their seat. Once everyone is seated, you can then adjust your luggage and take out the things that you want.

DO Stretch and Move Around on a Plane

This is important especially when you are traveling long distances, say on a long-haul flight from USA to India. Sitting for hours on end can have a detrimental effect on your health, so do a little stretching while seated or get up every hour, walk a little and come back to your seat. Not causing discomfort to fellow passengers doesn’t mean that you put yourself in discomfort.

DON’T Hog the Armrest

There is limited space for each passenger on the plane when you are flying in economy class. So, try to make yourself comfortable in the available space and also give space to the flier adjacent to you. Don’t recline your seat without intimating the passenger behind you. As for armrests, let the person adjusting herself/himself in the middle seat between two people use the armrest.

DO Drink Lots of Water

You must drink as much water as possible throughout your plane journey as flying can dehydrate you. Although this doesn’t exactly fall in the category of dos and don’ts of flying and is more of an air travel health hack, always make sure that your body is hydrated. This can also save you from the lightheadedness that you tend to feel on flights. At the same time, keep alcohol intake to a minimum on planes as it can lead to dehydration.

DON’T Pack Pungent Food Items

If you are carrying your own food when flying, try to avoid packing food items with a pungent smell. The strong odor of such food spreads around in the small cabin in no time and this cabin air infused with various kinds of smells clearly doesn’t help the ones already struggling to deal with motion sickness in the mid-air.

DO Utilize Your Own Overhead and Underseat Space

One of the important flying etiquettes is not barging into others’ space. Not only the legroom or armrests, but the space for carry-on baggage in the compartment overhead and under the seat too. Don’t place your baggage on the overhead space of an empty seat and don’t occupy even a small portion of other passengers’ overhead compartments (especially when sitting in the front or backside of the plane). Keep all your necessities like a phone charger, book, headphones, etc. in your smaller carry-on so you don’t have to rummage through your luggage every time.

DON’T Rush When Deboarding

And finally, always be patient when deboarding. Let the passengers in the front rows get down and don’t rush to get to the aisle. If you are sitting at the back of the plane, you can still be seated after the seatbelt lights go off and when you notice the front line clearing, then you may get up, get your luggage and join the queue to get off the plane.

How many of these dos and don’ts of air travel do you follow? Tell us what in-flight behavior of passengers irritates you the most in the comments section.

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