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Denver Airport Expansion: 3rd Busiest Airport in US Likely to Add 100 Gates by 2045

Denver International Airport
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With passenger traffic only expected to increase in the coming years, airports in USA are planning to expand and add new facilities to make air travel a breeze. Denver International Airport, the third busiest airport in the country is also expecting a footfall of around 120 million flyers annually by 2025. And to cater to such a humongous number of travelers, the airport plans to add 100 more gates. Along with this, four new concourses and more parking space will also be built. Continue reading to know more about the Denver Airport expansion

Denver Airport to Add 100 More Gates

The Denver airport follows its commitment to make travel hassle-free for passengers. To make boarding convenient for the growing number of travelers, DEN will likely add 100 gates in the coming years. It is a hub of major airlines in USA such as Frontier Airlines and United Airlines. And with reports that United may shift its headquarters to Denver from Chicago, the Denver Airport expansion can further elevate the airline’s operations here. 

Four new concourses at Denver Airport are also planned to be built by 2045. With this, every concourse at DEN will have 25 gates each. Additional TSA checkpoints, check-in counters and ticket lines will also be included for domestic and international flights. And to manage the increase in the passenger footfall at the airport, more parking space will be added. It is also said that the new concourses will likely be walkable from the main terminal unlike the existing concourse B and C. 

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Although no particular timeline has been announced for the Denver Airport expansion project, it is likely planned keeping in mind the expected growth in passenger traffic by 2045. Apart from this, the airport is also enhancing its existing concourses by constructing new restrooms and adding carpeting to certain areas. Furthermore, the north security checkpoint will likely close for upgrades while the west security checkpoint will be operational in February. 

The new Denver Airport expansion will likely turn it into a world-class hub. With new concourses and gates, along with additional parking space, DEN will further elevate passenger experience. 

A hub for many renowned carriers offering cheap flights, the airport sees a lot of domestic and international travelers. Indian Eagle cheap flights from DEN to major cities in India are the best option for budget travelers. This way, you can make use of the airport’s state-of-the-art facilities and travel seamlessly without worrying about spending more.


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