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The IGI Airport in Delhi may Get Two International Terminals

IGI Airport in Delhi
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Another Delhi Airport update, good news for Delhi Flyers. The capital may soon get two international terminals as requested by Indigo Airlines, the largest domestic airline. Indigo Airlines has asked Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) to handle the international traffic at the upcoming airport terminal. This new upcoming terminal is supposed to be built for domestic flights only. However, it may get expanded for international passengers too. 

Currently, the IGI Airport has three terminals T1, T2, and T3. At present, Indigo flights operate on all these three terminals. The airline is requesting the airport authorities to take their passengers’ comfort and convenience into consideration and allow the airline to operate all the flights from one terminal. All the international flights are presently operating on Terminal-3 only. 

The highly anticipated refurbishment of Terminal 1 at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi is anticipated to reach its completion by the end of 2023. This noteworthy endeavor stands as one of the paramount undertakings in the ongoing development of the Delhi airport, with the primary objective of addressing challenges such as flight congestion, air traffic, and the escalating demand for air travel.

Based on the official details provided, as per the outlined strategy, there is a comprehensive plan in place to expand and merge Terminals 1D and 1C into a unified Terminal 1. This amalgamation will result in the integration of both departure and arrival sections, housed within a single roof under the all-encompassing Terminal 1. Through this extensive renovation and expansion project, the overall expanse of Delhi’s Terminal 1 will witness a remarkable increase from its current 60,000 square meters to an impressive 169,000 square meters. Consequently, a fully-integrated terminal will be established, seamlessly accommodating departures and arrivals in a unified setting.

This undergoing significant expansion of Delhi Airport is a great initiative led by GMR. The ambitious project encompasses several key developments, including the expansion of Terminal 1 (T1), the construction of a fourth runway, the enhancement of facilities within Terminal 3 (T3), and the introduction of a distinctive ‘dual elevated cross taxiway’ aimed at augmenting passenger capacity. Furthermore, in the pipeline for the airport’s future, there are plans to construct a state-of-the-art Terminal 4 as well as an Air Train system.

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