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Carry-On Luggage: A Handy Guide to Help You Travel Light


One of the best ways of minimizing hassles during a trip is by traveling light (carrying minimum luggage). Most of the time, people tend to pack almost everything they use, which might exceed the baggage allowance limit and also make it difficult to move around when traveling. 

Carry-On Luggage

If you are traveling solo or even while planning a trip with your family, carrying one carry-on bag each is a perfect idea; especially when you are going on a small trip. Just add what is essential like a few pairs of clothes, medicines, gadgets etc. and you’ll travel without any worry!

Carry-On Luggage Packing Essentials

If you are confused about what exactly you must pack when traveling with a carry-on bag, here are some suggestions apart from clothes that will let you travel hassle-free. 

  1. A pair of comfortable footwear.
  2. Essential electronics and their chargers.
  3. Medicines along with the prescription.
  4. Skin care essentials such as moisturizer, lip balm etc.
  5. Toiletries such as face wash, dental floss etc. 
  6. Face mask and sanitizer. 

Ideal Carry-On Luggage Size

The permissible carry-on baggage size might differ an inch or two depending on various airlines. But the standard size could be 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width and 9 inches in height. This limitation in size is in order for every passenger to be able to store their luggage safely inside the overhead compartments during a flight. But one of the best things about traveling with a carry-on luggage is being easily able to move all of your belongings without any secondary help. It will also let you keep your valuables with you rather than entrusting them to your airline. 

Weight Limit for Carry-On Bags

As there is a limitation on the carry-on bag size, most airlines such as Delta, American Airlines etc. do not have any weight restrictions for them. Major airlines such as Emirates have a 7 kg weight limit for all passengers, and Etihad Airways has a limitation of 7 kg for economy class travelers and 12 kg for first class and business class fliers. Cathay Pacific Airways allows 7 kg, 10 kg, and 15 kg, for economy, business, and first class passengers respectively. Air India allows its travelers to carry bags weighing 5 kg to 8 kg depending on the type of carrier (ATR aircraft or Boeing & Airbus aircraft). There might be changes in the baggage limit, you can contact your airline to confirm on how much you are allowed to carry. 

Most of the time, airlines do not weigh carry-on bags despite having a weight limitation. But you should try to not overstuff your baggage in case they decide to check it. Also, if you are traveling on a small commuter plane, weight limitations are strict owing to the safety concerns. 

Consider this carry-on luggage guide next time you are traveling. Follow Travel Diary to get the latest information on travel and aviation. 

People Also Ask

  • Can I take more than 1 carry-on bag on my flight?

Most airlines allow business class and first class passengers to take two carry-on bags on their flight. So unless you are traveling on such premium classes, you will only be allowed one carry-on bag. 

  • Can I take a personal item with me along with a carry-on bag?

Major airlines give their passengers an option to bring a personal item, which could be a handbag, laptop bag, pillow or a beach bag along with their carry-on bag.

  • What can I pack in my carry-on luggage?

Passengers are allowed to carry all your essentials such as clothes, gadgets, accessories,and medication (please check what medicines you are allowed to carry to the country you are visiting as there are some limitations on medical drugs as well. Also, do remember to carry your prescription) inside your carry-on bag. There are similar restrictions with carry-on bags as with the checked-in bag. But passengers are not allowed to carry any containers of liquid such as perfume, cream, drinks etc. that weigh more than 100 ml. 

Traveling with a carry-on bag is highly recommended when you are traveling for a short trip. Just pack a few essentials and you’ll be able to easily move around both inside the airport and outside. For any queries regarding luggage, always check with your concerned airlines. 

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