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Top Tips for Budget Wellness Holidays in India

Wellness Holidays in India
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Wellness travel isn’t a new trend. But it is now here to stay. The chaos of COVID has only accentuated the need for health and well-being at all times. And the wellness tourism industry, which was already growing, now has all the more reason to become more robust.

India is one of the best destinations for wellness tourism. There is everything here from alternate health treatments such as ayurveda to yoga and spiritual retreats. Such travel plans can be expensive if you choose luxury resorts and their wellness plans. But the good thing is that India is well-equipped for budget wellness holidays as well. With a little bit of planning, you can luxuriate your very being in optimal wellness and relaxation; and without a financial strain or unnecessary expenses.

But before you book a holiday, there is one crucial step you need to take.

Assess your wellness requirements.

Spending a few peaceful days in a temple town in India or on a spiritual sojourn can at times revitalize the mind beautifully. Just sitting solitary by the holy Ganga (or any river for that matter) can offer bliss and peace in the most amazing way. Spending time amidst the Himalayan hills and peaks is nothing short of ice therapy for aching muscles. The beach breeze, at times, can do more for you than any expensive treatment at any luxury retreat. You can head to India for such relaxing holiday any time.

For specific wellness requirements; you need to first determine how many days would be adequate for you and what type of therapy may be right for you. Without this step, you may not be able maximize the benefits of your budget wellness holidays.

There are retreats in India with week-long wellness packages that include ayurvedic treatments, yoga, naturopathy, chanting, and other therapies. You can book one and once you reach the place; you will have a tailormade solution crafted for you. This will happen after a preliminary health assessment with a licensed practitioner or doctor at the center.

Consider these tips for budget wellness holidays in India.

Plan your own itinerary.

Choose from many low-cost wellness and yoga retreats in the country. If you book the holiday via any travel company, you are likely to get more options for high-end places. So, do a little research and look for places in your desired destination. For instance, if you want a wellness holiday in Uttarakhand then your best option is to choose Rishikesh. There are various yoga centers here offering beginner’s sessions as well as other wellness therapies. Check the websites of a few places and choose the one best suited to your wellness requirements and budget.

Bonus tip: You will find better teachers, practitioners, and therapies in smaller retreats when compared to 5-star resorts and health centers.

Book the retreat in advance.

Plan your budget wellness holidays few months in advance. This way you will get the best deals. You can also save money on air tickets by booking them ahead once your trip date is set. You can utilize services of flight-booking companies to benefit from the deals available with them.

Bonus tip: You can save even more by scheduling your wellness trip in India in the low tourist season (April to September).

Choose wellness activities instead of retreats.

Instead of choosing a big wellness program, you can choose activities during your holidays. With your usual holidays or business trips, you can schedule time for yoga sessions, runs on the beach, trekking etc. based on your accommodation and destination. For instance, if you are on a holiday in Kerala or Goa; you can easily plan for morning or evening runs on the beaches. Kerala is also ideal for trekking and so is Uttarakhand. Squeeze in an ayurvedic treatment between meetings or during an afternoon break from sightseeing.

Bonus tip: You can spend as much or as little by choosing activities rather than entire wellness plans at retreats.

You can take flights to India via Indian Eagle and book your wellness tourism package in the country. Budget wellness holidays are a possibility in India; more so than in any other place. You can utilize treatments and therapies all year round; even during the off-season tourism months.

What is wellness travel?

Wellness travel or wellness tourism is tied up with well-being. It is traveling for the purpose of improving overall health – be it mental, physical, psychological, or emotional. It can include trips and activities related to ayurvedic or other alternative treatments, meditation, yoga, stress management, sports etc. It is not the same as medical tourism, which means traveling to a destination for the purpose of a surgery or treatment for cost-cutting purposes or lack of availability in one’s state or country.

Which destinations in India are famous for wellness tourism?

Kerala, Goa, and Uttarakhand offer wellness travel opportunities at various places. These three states are most famous wellness tourism destinations in India.

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