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5 Best Weekend Getaways from Calicut for Peace and Serenity


No matter where you live, you need a break from the hectic city life for getting away from the hustle-bustle. It is still true even if you’re living in one of the best cities in India, Cochin which is also known as Kozhikode. For peace and serenity, try any of these 5 best weekend getaways from Calicut and visit them on your upcoming long weekend.


With a landscape that looks like a surreal oil painting, Kalpetta has become the focal point of Wayanad tourism. Historically, it was the first place to rebel against the British and kick-starting the Indian Independence Moment of Wayanad. Kalpetta is a hill station located at 780 meters above sea level surrounded by mountains, dense coffee, and tea plantations making it perfect for trekking. Some of the popular tourist places in Kalpetta include the breathtaking Chembra peak, the ancient Tirunelli Vishnu Temple, stunning Kanthanpara and Meenmutty waterfalls, and Banasura hills to name a few.


Near the ranges of Nilgiri, 61 km away from Calicut, Nilambur is famous for Conolly’s Plot which the world’s oldest teak plantations. While Kalpetta is a stronghold of Jains who migrated from Karnataka, Nilambur’s roots sink deep into British Colonial Period. It is also home to the world’s first and one-of-a-kind teak museum with exhibits aimed at educating visitors about teak wood as well as its history, cultural significance, and scientific advancements. Surrounded by rainforests, Nilambur offers quite a few tourist attractions including the Bengalavu Kunnu, Adyanpara Waterfalls, Elambalai Hills, and Nilambur Kovilakam.

Sulthan Bathery

The largest city in Waynad with a history dating back over a thousand years is Sulthan Bathery located in the Wayanad district. The rolling countryside interspersed with picturesque swamps, forest trails, cliffs, valleys, and rivers is what this town has to offer in terms of natural scenic beauty. It also offers many historical sites, traditional ethnic wear shopping spots, pre-historic caves, and lush green scenery. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Sulthan Bathery include the Jain temple, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Edakkal Caves, Chethalaya Falls, etc.

Payyoli Beach

Located only 38 km away from Cochin, Payyoli beach offers picturesque scenery comprising of a shoreline covered in coconut palm trees. As a popular tourist attraction near Kozhikode, it is an ideal beach for water games, sunbathing, and swimming.


Ponnani is a historic city in Kerala where many battles for the control of spice trade have taken place. It is located at the point where Nila River meets the Arabian Sea. There are many tourist attractions including historic colonial-era forts and structures, ancient temples, and masjids, along with pristine beaches and cultural spots.

These are the best weekend getaways from Calicut which handpicked for taking a major break and relaxing. While families like to visit historic places, couples like to visit secluded nature-based resorts in the region. What are you looking for book cheap flights with Indian Eagle and explore these awesome attractions?


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