Home Tips Feel Your Best After Flight with These Simple Air Travel Health Hacks

Feel Your Best After Flight with These Simple Air Travel Health Hacks


Unless you are traveling in the extra luxurious first class or a spacious business class flight, you will find yourself uncomfortable in the confined space of the aircraft during the long-haul flight from USA to India. On top of it, flying at great altitude from sea level and traveling across multiple time zones naturally takes a toll on your body and health, with dehydration, bloating, fatigue, jetlag, etc., being the most commonly reported conditions. Although short-lived, these discomforting health conditions are a big cause of concern for travelers flying long haul. So, how do you stay healthy while flying? The answer is simple – follow these air travel health hacks and feel like yourself after the flight.

It all starts much before you board the nonstop flight to India; right from the choice of food and drink 5-7 days leading up to the scheduled travel. This infographic brings to you the most practical air travel health hacks. Prepare yourself for your long-haul journey with these simple health hacks that greatly help reduce the effects of flying on your health, so you stay as healthy and comfortable as possible during and after the flight.

Air Travel Health Hacks


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