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Air India (AI): A brief History, Destinations, Passenger Services and more!

Air India (AI)

Awarded India’s leading Airline in the year 2012, Air India (AI) is India’s most popular and reputed flag carrier airline. With Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi as its main hub, the airline serves about 89 destinations. Several of these destinations are international ones spread across four continents. Air India is reputed to be the largest international carrier in the country. In 2014, Air India joined Star Alliance as a member airline.

A brief history of Air India

Air India (AI) was founded as Tata Airlines in the year 1932 by J.R.D. Tata. An interesting fact that many aren’t aware of is that Tata himself flew the first single-engine aircraft that carried air mail to Juhu aerodrome in Bombay all the way from Karachi. The flight then continued on to Chennai (then Madras). The airline was renamed Air India post World War II along with becoming a Public Limited Company. Maharaja, the mascot of Air India (AI) is famous worldwide and must be credited with increasing the popularity of the airline across the globe.

Destinations Air India serves

Estimated as of 2017, Air India (AI) serves a total number of 89 destinations. Domestic flights to Indian cities are handled by its subsidiaries Air India Express and Alliance Air. They also handle flight services to Asian destinations. Of the total number of destination the airline serves, 52 are domestic. The rest 37 are international destinations spread across 27 countries in the world which are spread over 4 continents. Air India flights to USA are among the most popular ones with Indian Eagle booking some of the cheapest ones ever. The secondary hub of Air India (AI) is at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

Air India Fleet

Air India (AI) uses a series of Airbus and Boeing aircraft to serve various destinations across the globe. Several of these are wide body aircraft that offer utmost comfort to passengers while traveling to international destinations. Any Air India aircraft that’s carrying the President, Vice-President or Prime Minister of India has the call sign of Air India One.

Services offered by Air India

  • eSuper Saver Scheme

As the name suggests, this scheme is one of the best ways to save money when booking Air India (AI) flights. The offer is valid for business class and economy travel on a few domestic Air India sectors and is meant only for single users. There’s an eSuper Saver Scheme which is meant for multi users.

Inflight Entertainment

The inflight entertainment offered by Air India (AI) is among the best offered by any airline in the world ensuring utmost passenger comfort. On board an Air India flight, you can expect to enjoy a vast number of entertainment channels, access to latest news, a variety of programs, TV shows, audio books, and a collection of good music.

  • Special Needs Assistance

Air India (AI) takes care of the special needs of its passengers. For instance, if you are in need of a wheelchair, you will be provided one. However the airline prefers that you request for one at the time of reservation or booking. This is to avoid the inconvenience you may face in the event that there aren’t any wheelchairs available at the last minute.

  • Inflight Food Service

Air India (AI) takes its passengers on an epic culinary voyage through its top-notch food services. Passengers on board international flights are served all three meals while those on domestic ones are served Hi Tea as well. Additionally, there are special meals such as religious meals, dietary meals, medical meals, and meals for babies and infants.

  • Air India Airport Services

Air India (AI) has set up ground handling at more than 50 airports across the country. The services the airline offers via this include Passenger Handling, Technical Assistance, VVIP Charter Handling, Aircraft Recovery Assistance, Ramp Handling, Engineering and Allied Services among plenty of other things.

  • Group Bookings

Air India (AI) offers group booking for more than 10 passengers traveling together. This is an incredibly convenient service as it means that entire families can travel on the same flight without having to be split up. Many large groups of travelers prefer group booking with Air India.

  • Frequent Flyer Program

Air India (AI) shares its frequent flyer program with its subsidiaries. The program is called Flying Returns and you will earn good miles once you enroll. You have the option to redeem the points you earn here for travel on certain other airlines as well.

  • Premium Lounges

First and Business Class passengers have the privilege to enjoy the Maharaja Lounge. At international airports that do not have the Maharaja Lounge, Air India (AI) shares lounges with other reputed international airlines. By the latest estimate, there are a total number of 8 Maharaja Lounges which travelers can enjoy.

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