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A Navigating Guide for Pune Airport Terminal

Pune Airport Terminal
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Pune International Airport (PNQ) is one of the busiest airports in India and serves as the connecting hub for millions of people. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, the airport ensures passengers have a seamless experience. Pune Airport Terminal is also an example of innovation, handling over 9.5 million passengers in the financial year 2023–2024. It offers modern facilities like night landing capability and advanced navigational aids. Let’s explore more about Pune Airport terminals, where technology and history come together to advance aviation forward.

Upgrading Facilities at Pune International Airport

The latest upgrades at Pune International Airport indicate the beginning of a more efficient and convenient period for passengers. The new integrated terminal building was inaugurated in March. With five conveyor belts to speed up the process, it aims to reduce the chaos often associated with baggage pickup. The terminal is ready to improve the overall passenger experience, seeking permission from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. To ensure the building’s smooth integration with the airport’s infrastructure, plans are in place to make improvements to it by December 2024. 

With this new Pune Airport Terminal, the hub expects to handle over 1.2 crore passengers per year. This indicates a major increase in capacity. In addition, the state government strengthening Pune’s position as a major aviation hub in the area is shown by its commitment to extending the runway. 

Navigating through Pune Airport Terminals

Pune Airport Terminal 1

Pune Airport’s integrated Terminal 1, which handles all aviation traffic, is the hub of its operations. This busy terminal manages arrivals and departures from both domestic and international destinations, providing about 45 passengers with a smooth travel experience. For travelers from all over the world, Terminal 1 embodies efficiency and ease with its two aerobridges and approximately 26 check-in counters.

Pune Airport New Terminal 2

Pune Airport’s Terminal 2, which opened to accommodate the expanding needs of air travel, is an example of advancement and modernity. Terminal 2 will offer better amenities and more space to handle a surge of travelers. This new terminal is a sign of Pune’s dedication to providing everyone with access to top-notch travel experiences.

To improve passenger comfort, the Pune Airport Terminal 2 has a VIP lounge and a separate entrance for easier access. Additionally, moving the airport’s power substation to the new building from its current location near the entrance gate will free up space and enable the expansion of passenger amenities.

What are the Pune Airport facilities available for travelers? 

Pune International Airport has numerous world-class facilities available to make the travel experience seamless for passengers. Some of them are listed below. 


The two exquisite lounges at Pune International Airport, Bird Lounge, and Earth Lounge, provide guests with a place of luxury and relaxation in the middle of the crowded terminals. These lounges offer exhausted passengers a peaceful break whether for enjoying delicious refreshments or reading from the latest magazines and newspapers available.

ATMs and Wi-Fi:

Pune Airport is all about convenience. Free Wi-Fi and easily accessible ATMs make sure that every traveler can stay connected with loved ones. PNQ Airport provides the most useful amenities to meet the needs of all travelers, be it money problems or a desire for an internet connection.

Shopping and Dining:

Enjoy a shopping experience at the duty-free stores and retail shops at Pune Airport, which offer well-known brands. Within the airport’s boundaries, tourists can find anything they need. In addition, Pune Airport’s restaurants and cafés, such as Chai Point, Clink Bar, and Cafe 2.0, will surprise your taste buds with varied culinary dishes.

Are you planning your next adventure? For tourists departing from faraway destinations, the Pune Airport Terminal is a key hub. If you are traveling from New York then flights from JFK to PNQ open doors to boundless opportunities, connecting continents and cultures. Travelers are welcome to have amazing experiences at Pune Airport Terminal, offering smooth connectivity and effective services.

So, gear up for your next adventure and explore the world with ease. Book your tickets, plan your itinerary, and embark on a journey filled with excitement and discovery. With an Indian Eagle itinerary in hand, your travel dreams are just a flight away.

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