Does United Airlines let special travelers fly with wheelchair?

United Airlines’ special assistance policy for disabled travelers and travelers with reduced mobility permits the carriage of wheelchair in the cabin or in the hold on all flights. If travelers’ personal wheelchairs are carried in the hold, it is neither counted as checked baggage nor charged any fee. United Airlines accept all sorts of wheelchairs – fording, non-folding, manual, and battery powered. The airline ensures careful handling of travelers’ wheelchairs.

Highlights of United Airline’s wheelchair acceptance policy

You must notify the airline of your need to carry a wheelchair 48 hours prior to travel on the scheduled date.
Make sure to reach the airport before 1 hour of the scheduled departure for checking-in of the wheelchair.
You can use the airline’s wheelchair to move from the check-in point to the boarding point if your wheelchair is carried in the hold.
The planes in the fleet of United Airlines can accommodate one adult-sized wheelchair.
The airline does not disassemble battery-powered wheelchairs in general if the size of your wheelchair meets the limit and fits through the aircraft bin door.
If the dimensions of your wheelchair exceed the limit, the airline personnel will disassemble the equipment at the departure airport.
You are required to download a copy of the wheelchair information card from the airline’s official website and fill it with the details of your equipment so that the airline personnel can properly handle the device.
The airline does not permit the carriage of wheelchairs with spillable or defective batteries in the cabin. In this case, the battery is removed from the equipment.

Note: United Airlines has the right to change or modify its wheelchair policy at any time. books flights on United Airlines at the lowest airfare.

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