Ugadi – Celebrate the 6 Flavors of Life

The festival of Ugadi marks the New Year’s Day in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The derivation “Yuga Adi” means the beginning of a new age.It marks the onset of Spring and the beginning of a new age.The festival falls on the first day of the Hindu month of Chaitra.The belief is Lord Brahma who according to Hindu tradition is the creator, began the creation process on this day.Ugadi

Ugadi is a time of celebration with special emphasis on the preparation of special dishes with six distinct flavors.The festival celebrates the 6 flavors of life from ‘bella’(sweetness) to ‘bevu’ (bitterness) and all that is in-between.

After the oil-baths and Puja, the family sits together to part take in the meal which represents the various stages that one must pass through in life.

Bitterness : The taste of the neem buds and flowers symbolize the bitter taste of disappointment or setbacks that one experiences in a lifetime.

Sweetness : Taste and see that life can be sweet. Ugadi’s bella, meaning jaggery, brings forth this essential flavor.

Spicy : The delightful flavor of life that brings to life the actual essence, after all Spice is called the variety of Life.

Saltiness : The taste of Salt is akin to the experiences that one has in life. These experiences are life building and add value in one’s journey through life.

Sourness : Sour taste when it sinks in is the most drool inducing experience. When things turn sour,turn your lemons into lemonade.

Tangy : Coinciding with the arrival of mangoes, the tangy taste tends to linger on one’s palate for a long time. Just like the wonderful experiences which are unique to each person.

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