Indian IT Professional Sudha Sundari Narayanan is Sworn-in as US Citizen in Rare White House Ceremony

“Today America rejoices as we welcome five absolutely incredible new members into our great American family. You are now fellow citizens of the greatest nation on the face of God’s earth. Congratulations,” said President Donald Trump during a rare naturalization ceremony at the White House yesterday.

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Picture Credit: Thandora Times

In the naturalization ceremony held on August 25, five immigrants from five countries, including India, took the oath as US citizens raising their right hand and holding a US flag with the left hand. They also received the American citizenship certificate. President Trump greeted and welcomed them into the “magnificent nation that is comprised of every race, religion and color.”

Sudha Sundari Narayanan, a Virginia-based IT professional from India, is among the five immigrants sworn in as American citizens in the rare naturalization ceremony. She came to the USA 13 years ago. “Sudha is a talented software developer. She and her husband are raising two beautiful, wonderful children ‘the apples of your life’. Thank you! Fantastic job,” said the President in his speech addressing the newly sworn-in US citizens. Trump described her journey from India to receiving American citizenship as a ‘phenomenal success’.

Sudha Sundari Narayanan’s ‘American Dream’ came true only in 13 years, while others are stuck in the Green Card backlog for more than 13 years. Trump described her journey from India to receiving American citizenship as a ‘phenomenal success’.

President Trump’s congratulatory speech for them was a piece of eulogy about their achievement – American citizenship. He said that they complied with the rules, obeyed the laws, imbibed American values, respected the American culture, learned the American history, and proved themselves to be individuals of the highest integrity.

Today you have also accepted the profound duties and responsibilities that come with American citizenship. By taking the Oath of Allegiance, each of you has entered a sacred and unbreakable covenant with our nation. You have earned the most prized, treasured and cherished possession anywhere in the world. There is no greater honor and privilege than this.

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