Jallikattu – India’s answer to Spanish Bull Run

Narrow alleys, People running amok, adrenaline rushing moments, Bulls on the rampage and what have you! It’s not scripted. Spur of the moment action with no retakes. Sounds Tempting! Indian Eagle invites the bold and courageous to come on board. We will take you where the real action is as it unfolds right in  front of your eyes, this Pongal.

Tamil Nadu’s Jallikattu is India’s answer to the world famous Spain Bull Run. A tradition of sorts, this ancient Dravidian practice has been in existence since 4,000 years. Jallikattu can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization.

“Jallikattu,” which means bull-baiting or bull fighting has survived the course of time.The crude essence adds character of the game. Witnessing the real thing in the thick mayhem, jallikattu is to be enjoyed live, in the raw scenario. No barracks, fences or hedges, the bull is on the run.The pandemonium that follows is scripted to wreak havoc. Jallikattu is an annual ritual in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Plots of Films are woven around this theme, commercial campaigns created and musical videos structured with background scores composed to create the rustic ambience. All of it falls short of the real uproar of the beast and its hoofs pounding on the hard ground. The thumping sounds creates a vibration that is unparalled.

Jallikattu is a show of strength between man and beast. Earlier, the challenge was to seize prize money tied to the horn of the bull.

The Indian Gaur bull is game for any predator. Known to stand its ground the Jallikattu bulls belong to the pulikulam breed of cattle. Calves with swift feet and agile movements are groomed for the purpose of Jallikattu. The palingu(or naatu) maadu, the umblachery and the malai maadu are the other breeds that can be trained.

Jallikattu or Manju Virattu the bull taming sport is timed with Pongal celebrations on Mattu Pongal day. Unlike the Spanish Bull Run, here the bull is not killed and no matador is armed with a weapon. Indian Eagle offers Lowest Fares to Chennai for you to witness, the battle of wits, Man versus Beast in the original surroundings.

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