Angry Birds Theme Park –Sling your best shot

The spirit of Adventure is ingrained in everyone, irrespective of Age. Exposed to the right environment, the hidden child within, will manifest. Suppressed under the challenges of daily life, stress busters are flooding the market. A host of Video Games have carved a niche, for themselves in the market.angry birds

The Angry Birds has caught the attention of the old & young, alike. The game has become a hit with anyone, who thinks they can sling a “perfect “shot. The game has been merchandised on T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, backpacks and what have you.

Cashing in on the current craze, Finland has opened the Särkänniemi Adventure Park. The unique feature is, that the park is themed around the “Angry Birds “Game.

‘Angry Birds Land’ is authorized, legitimate and more sophisticated when compared to the unlicensed ‘Angry Birds Park’ in China.

Spread across half an acre, Angry Birds Land will have 12 rides and an adventure course. The Angry Birds Adventure Trail is sure to become a favorite with the visitors. The game will feature Players going through the level of a classic Angry Birds game, using a handheld device.

Equipped with a state-of-the art sound experience, two new rides have been added besides the 10 rethemed ones. The Angry Birds shop has merchandise in many categories as collectibles.

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