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Zero Gravity Flights: A Make-believe Space Experience in the United States

Zero Gravity Flights
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Taking an ordinary flight from one place to another is becoming quite mainstream in today’s technological world. Hence, to make things more exciting for passengers a new attraction called Zero-G was launched in the United States. Zero Gravity Corporation announced a unique way to travel with zero gravity flights.

Passengers will get to experience weightlessness like astronauts do on the International Space Station. This new attraction is being carried out with the only zero gravity certified aircraft. Boeing 727 is a specially modified plane for zero gravity travel and renamed G-Force.

The company announced its flight schedule for 2020 with a 12-city tour. The schedule includes stops in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, New England, Orlando, Florida, Seattle, Washington D.C., Miami, San Francisco and Atlanta. Passengers will be made to wear flight suits and experience weightlessness about 15 times on their journey.

Zero gravity is achieved when the pilot performs a parabola which is an acrobatic aerial maneuver. In simple terms, the pilot must draw a lowercase ‘n’ with the plane pointing towards space first and then towards the earth. It is advised that the passengers avoid drinking alcohol or eating heavy meals before their journey to avoid sickness.

Unfortunately, the price for one seat on the Zero-G flight is anything but cheap. It will cost $5,400 plus 5% tax. This package includes two meals, professional pictures and a total of 7 to 8 minutes of zero gravity. Charter planes for 12 seats cost $55,000 plus the 5% tax.

An interesting thing to know about this plane is it’s flown by the same pilot, Erich Domitrovits. He has performed over 5,000 parabola flights in his career and is perfectly suited to showcase his talent on a regular basis. Erich has flown famous personalities like Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Hawking, Buzz Aldrin, Kate Upton and Peter Jackson.

Erich does not follow the protocol of not eating heavy meals before the flight. In fact, he loves relishing a big plate of bacon and eggs before he gives people an experience of a lifetime. However, Erich has never gotten sick and says his secret is that he has never experienced traveling in the back of the plane.

This unique zero gravity flight experience began on the 15th of February from Los Angeles. The company’s schedule runs through the year till November with Miami and Los Angeles getting the most dates. Read the detailed schedule below:

Atlanta: 21st March

New England: 3rd May

Austin: 4th April and 3rd October.

New York: 9th May and 26th September

Washington D.C.: 16th May and 19th September

Las Vegas: 25th April, 15th August and 31st October

Houston: 28th March, 6th June and 7th November.

Seattle: 20th June, 8th August and 10th October.

Miami: 29th Feb, 7th March, 23rd May, 29th August and 21st November.

Los Angeles: 18th April, 27th Junes, 25th July and 24th October

Orlando: 22nd Feb, 30th May, 12th September and 14th November

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