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US L1 Visa – Everything You Need to Know Before Your Application



The United States of America is undoubtedly a great country. It is a place that offers quality education, amazing work opportunities, and a better standard of living. And these are some of the basic reasons as to why people have this ‘American dream’. But one of the major roadblock for people trying to reach the States is procuring a visa. Be it the F1 student visa, the US L1 visa or any other; the process for application can sometimes be overwhelming for many. 

If you want to fulfill your American dream, this article will help you understand everything about the US L1 visa. 

What is L1 Visa?

L1 is the commonly issued visa by the US authorities to any individual wishing to work and stay in the United States of America. The duration of stay depends on your nationality; for instance, Indian nationals can stay and work up to 5 years once their visa application is accepted. 

Types of L1 Visa

There are two types of L1 visa available for working in the US. 

  1. L1-A Visa: This particular visa is specifically meant for those on higher posts such as managers and even executives. It is valid for up to seven years and after it expires, the individual has to work overseas for at least 1 year at a branch, parent, subsidiary of the company in USA. 
  2. L1-B Visa: The L1-B visa is issued to people who have specialized knowledge on a subject or in an industry. This is valid for five years and once it expires, it also requires the individual to work overseas for at least a year just like the L1-A visa. 

Procedure for L1 Visa Application

At present, there are two types of procedures to initiate your L1 visa application.

  1. Regular L1 Visa: The individual needs to apply for this visa process and seek an approval from USCIS. 
  2. Blanket L1 Visa: The individuals who meet the specific criteria are only eligible for this process and are only required to provide a copy of the blanket petition. 

Major Requirements for L1 Visa

Requirements for the L1 visa might differ depending on the employees or employers but some of the basic requirements are as follows: 

  1. There should be a qualifying relationship between the parent company and the U.S company (subsidiary or branch) that is petitioning for the visa. 
  2. In case the office is new, there should be enough physical space for the same. 
  3. The company petitioning for the visa should be in business and act as an employer in America and at least one other country for the duration of the validity of the visa of any individual. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the specific requirements for an L1-A visa?

Answer: Some of the basic requirements for the L1-A visa are as follows:

  1. The individual must have been employed overseas for a company continuously for at least one year within three years before his/her entry into America. 
  2. The individual should also be in a managerial or even executive position. 
  3. The individual should be going to USA for a qualifying company/organization, which could be the branch of the employer. 
  4. The individual should also intend to leave USA after his stay is completed. 
  • What are the specific requirements for an L1-B visa? 

Answer: The specific requirements for an L1-B visa are: 

  1. Just like the L1-A visa, the individual must have been employed overseas for a company continuously for at least one year within three years before his/her entry into America.
  2. The individual should work with the company in order to provide specialized knowledge/services to its qualifying organization. 
  3. The individual, just like L1-A visa, must have an intention to leave America once his/her work is completed. 
  • What are the documents that are required for an L1 visa? 

Answer: As an applicant for L1 visa, you must make sure that you have the following documents ready: 

  1. A recent passport size photo.
  2. Passport (old and new).
  3. DS-160 form.
  4. The original and a copy of the appointment letter for the interview. 
  5. The physical copy and receipt number of I-129 petition. 
  6. The demand draft of the visa issuance fee. 
  7. Work experience letters from all employers.
  8. Original and photocopy of educational certificates. 
  9. A well-curated resume.
  10. A bank statement for the past six months.
  11. Information about the U.S company that the individual will be employed. 
  12. Pictures of the office space/place of employment.
  13. Contact details of at least two previous colleagues. 
  • What is the application fee for the L1 visa? 

Answer: The fee for filing an L1 visa application is around $325 (approximately INR 26,890). 

  • If the applicant is married, will his/her spouse be eligible to work in USA? 

Answer: Yes, the spouse of the applicant is eligible to work in the States via an L1-2 visa. 

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