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7 Travel Photography Tips and Tricks to Take Great Travel Photos!

Travel Photography Tips
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Ace shutterbugs have some of the most awesome travel photography tips you can use to better your travel photography. Have you ever looked at travel photography blogs and wondered why your pictures don’t come out like that? If yes, then you wouldn’t be the first one to do so. Not all of us know there are travel photography tips that can be used to take smashing pictures while traveling. These are tips that have helped a lot of travelers set up their very own travel photography websites.

Did you know travel photography was a hip profession? Well, it is. There are several travel photography jobs out there and you can get one too provided you’re a pro at taking travel pictures. But before we get to looking at travel photography salary and other things, let’s go over a few basic travel photography tips.

Top tricks to improve your travel photography:

Avid shutterbugs know to carry their best photography equipment even when making unplanned trips on last minute flights. You should start doing this too. Consider that your very first and most valuable travel photography tip. Check out the rest of the travel photography tips below.

  1. Travel super-light

This is one of the most important travel photography tips for solo travelers who don’t have company to help carry the load. Ensure your equipment is just about enough for a single person to carry. Don’t pack things you won’t really be using. For instance, you could pack this way: one good camera, a couple of lenses, a light mini tripod, a bunch of memory cards, a flash unit, and a portable storage unit. All this will, of course, need to be packed in a durable camera bag that you can easily sling over your shoulders or carry on the back.

  1. Pick the right lens and mode

Travel photography camera settings can be a bit tricky. Sometimes, the subject or object of your focal point may be quite far off. You’ll need appropriate lenses to capture this. It’s also important to shoot in the right mode. You will enjoy more flexibility when shooting in JPEG Fine and RAW. But this could weigh you down on storage. Just download on your laptop whatever you’ve clicked before you go to bed. This will free up your storage cards for use the next day. Also, one of the best travel photography tips is to carry along extra storage cards.

  1. Follow the rule of thirds

This is among the most unique yet vital travel photography tips ever. The rule of thirds is when you place your subject or object on the left-hand corner grid of the shot instead of the center. This is to enhance the image and compose it better in tune with the surroundings. It’s among the cleverest travel photography ideas ever. You can turn on the ‘grid’ feature your camera has to help you better understand the concept. It’s one of the best travel photography tips for beginners. When you start taking travel photos this way, you’ll ace the art a lot sooner.

  1. Use a tripod

You’ll find interesting photography subjects wherever you fly on economy or business class flights. Sometimes, the subject is so intense that you do not want to make any mistakes when clicking away. To help aid you in this, a tripod is the best equipment. You can avoid hand-held shakes of the camera and better handle the manual camera settings when using a tripod. Adjusting the angle, light, speed, and everything else will be a lot easier when the camera is still. This is especially among the top travel photography tips to keep in mind when trying to capture slow shutter-speed subjects – waterfalls, stars, objects in low light etc.

  1. Experiment with different compositions

Some of the best travel photography ideas have come about solely with experimentation! This is among the topmost travel photography tips if you’re looking at it as a profession and not just a past time. Take a picture of something. Let’s say a statue. Then try taking the picture from another angle. Get high, go low, and whatever other possible angles! Change distance as well. See what’s in the foreground, the middle-ground, and the background. Add something just to experiment. Click until you run out of steam. Check the pictures when you have time and you will understand which the best was and why it was so.

  1. Try portrait photography

Portraits can be a tough act and if you don’t have the patience, will end up frustrating you. One of the top travel photography tips when taking portraits is to ask for permission first. Don’t just click away at someone without being sure they’re okay with it. If they say ‘no,’ just smile, thank them, and move on. When they do say ‘yes,’ fire off a couple of rapid shots to while a bit of time until they ease up. Show them a few shots to make them more comfortable. If they seem edgy, it’s best to say that was enough and walk away after thanking them for their time.

  1. Always backup your travel photos

Getting camera insurance is among the top travel photography tips ever. However, also one of the most important tips is to backup all your travel photos. This will protect your work in the event of theft. You can store the pictures in an external hard drive and it’s also a good idea to have an online backup option as well – think Google Drive. Some travel photographers end up emailing important travel photos just to be on the safe side. Thereby, regardless of where you’re traveling to on domestic or international flight tickets, keep this in mind. It’s one of the most important travel photography tips to protect your work.

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