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Top Food Places in Hyderabad that You Should be Visiting in 2024

Food places in hyderabad
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With countless food places in Hyderabad, the city has grown immensely when it comes to its food culture. You might have heard a lot about the food in this vibrant metropolitan. Well, yes, the city takes pride in owning one of the finest cuisines in the country. When someone says, ‘Hyderabad’ the first thing that crosses most people’s minds is ‘biryani’. Over the decades, in a way, biryani has become synonymous to Hyderabad

There’s more to the ‘pearl city’ than just this aromatic rice delicacy. It is known for its excellent infrastructure, growing IT industry, ancient monuments, vibrant bazars, and a lot more. Here let’s explore top food places in Hyderabad that most people are excited to discover when exploring new places.

Hyderabad and Food

Here are some of the most famous food items from the Hyderabadi cuisine that are relished by the locals and tourists alike:

  1. Hyderabadi Biryani
  2. Hyderabadi Haleem
  3. Hyderabadi Dum ka Murgh
  4. Mirchi ka Salan
  5. Shikampuri Kebab
  6. Hyderabadi Phirni
  7. Double ka Meetha
  8. Khubani ka Meetha
  9. Jauzi Halwa
  10. Badam Ki Jaali

Hyderabadis love their food and most people who visit the city fall in love with it too. But if you want to taste the best dishes, it is essential that you visit the right food places in Hyderabad. It is here where you will find the authentic flavors of popular dishes. 

The city not only has restaurants that serve the best local delicacies but you can find a lot of cafes, and other food places offering international cuisines such as continental and Mediterranean.

Here are some of the top food places in Hyderabad that you should definitely visit. 

Cafe Bahar

Cafe Bahar is one of the top restaurants in Hyderabad. The haleem, biryani and butter chicken here are a must try. It’s up to you if you want to dine in or opt for a takeaway. No matter what you prefer, you will love the rich flavors of all the dishes at this restaurant. 

Cost For Two: Approximately INR 600.

Bawarchi Restaurant

Known as one of the best food places in Hyderabad serving biryani, Bawarchi Restaurant has a legacy when it comes to the local cuisine. Apart from the lip-smacking biryani, you can try their seafood starters, chicken curries and various other tandoori delicacies

Cost for Two: Approximately INR 700.


Most of you might already be aware of ‘Paradise’. It is one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad. Specifically known for its amazing biryani, it also serves tandoori chicken, chicken hara bhara kebab, butter chicken etc. If you are in the city, you should definitely visit this iconic food place.

Cost For Two: Approximately INR 800.

Sahib’s Barbeque

If you are someone who enjoys buffets, then you should head to Sahib’s Barbeque. Although a little expensive, it is one of the top restaurants in Hyderabad. Some of the must-try dishes include mutton soup, firni, dum ka chicken, mutton seekh, paan ice cream, and haleem

Cost for Two: Approximately INR 1400.

Jewel of Nizam 

The Jewel of Nizam is one of the most popular fine dining restaurants in Hyderabad. The classic interiors, spectacular chandeliers, and intricate decor will leave you in awe! You will not only enjoy mouth-watering dishes like biryani, kebabs, desserts etc. but you can also admire the amazing view while you devour your meal. 

Cost for Two: Approximately INR 2200.

Pista House 

After venturing into the bakery industry and becoming a household name for serving the best haleem in Hyderabad, Pista House has also established some hotels serving an array of delicacies. Be it the local dishes such as zafrani biryani, fast food items like broasted chicken, or unique drinks such as the saudi champagne. They have a well-curated menu that serves the liking of both locals and tourists. Visit any of their branches and devour your favorite meal admiring the regal interiors. 

Cost for Two: Approximately INR 1200


With world-class interiors and a welcoming ambience, Jalpaan is one of the best veg food places in Hyderabad. They serve a number of vegetarian delicacies such as vegetarian biryani, potli biryani, noodles, paneer curries, a variety of chaat, desserts and breads

Cost for Two: Approximately INR 1200. 

AB’s Absolute Barbecue

If you are in a mood to try some unique food in Hyderabad like grilled or barbequed delicacies along with the local delights, you must head to AB’s Absolute Barbecue. The staff is friendly and makes sure that you are having a good time. Some of the must try items include Hyderabadi biryani, lobsters, non-veg starters, pan ice cream, blueberry cheesecake etc.

Cost for Two: Approximately INR 1500. 

Almond House 

Satisfy your sweet cravings and visit the popular Almond House. It is one of the top food places in Hyderabad for those who have a sweet tooth. It serves some of the best desserts like baklava, Ajmer burfi, anjeer dry fruit laddu, badam ashrafian, badam burfi, badam halwa, badam kesar roll etc. 

Cost for Two: Approximately INR 300.

Falaknuma Palace 

With numerous restaurants like Celeste, Adaa, Gol Bungalow etc. Falaknuma Palace is on the top of the list of most luxurious food places in Hyderabad. With lavish interiors, vintage furniture, spectacular chandeliers and a royal vibe, this place is worth your visit and money. Some of the must try dishes include Hyderabadi biryani, pathar ka gosht, haleem, khubani ka meetha, double ka meetha, mango soup and Tiramisu. 

Cost for Two: Approximately INR 13000.

There are numerous other top food places in Hyderabad that you can visit to taste some of the best food the city has to offer. So, if you are living in USA, you can use the popular routes Houston to Hyderabad, Newark to Hyderabad or Washington to Hyderabad to book cheap flights with Indian Eagle and get ready to devour mouth-watering delicacies on your next trip.


People Also Ask- Food Places in Hyderabad

  • What food is famous in Hyderabad?
    Answer: Hyderabad is known for its dum biryani but other famous food items include chicken 65, haleem, mutton marag, double ka meetha etc.
  • Where do I get the most amazing food in Hyderabad?
    Answer: It depends on your preference, if you want an amazing fine dining experience, visit Jewel of Nizam or Sahib’s Barbeque but if you want a great taste at a low budget then you should check out Shadab Restaurant or Cafe Bahar.
  • Which restaurant is better in Hyderabad?
    Answer: Hyderabad is a city that loves food and nearly all restaurants here serve mouth-watering Hyderabadi dishes. You can visit Cafe Bahar, Bawarchi, Cafe 555, Jewel of Nizam, Sahib’s Barbeque, Shadab Restaurant, Pista House etc. to try the local delicacies.
  • Does Hyderabad have good food?
    Answer: Yes, Hyderabad is known as a heaven for food lovers. If you are fond of a lot of spice, you will love everything here. But for those who avoid spicy food, you can always ask the restaurant you are visiting to reduce the amount of spice in your order.
  • What is Telangana’s famous food?
    Answer: Telangana is popular for some of the most delicious dishes. Some must-try Telangana famous food items include Sakinalu, Sarva Pindi, Golichina Mamsam, Malidalu, Pachi Pulusu etc.
  • Which sweet is famous in Hyderabad?
    Answer: There are a lot of unique desserts in the city that are a must-try. Some of the famous sweets of Hyderabad include double ka meetha, jauzi halwa, badam ki jaali, qubani ka meetha etc.
  • Is Hyderabad in North or South India?
    Answer: The city of Hyderabad is located in the south Indian state of Telangana. You can visit this beautiful metropolitan by booking affordable flight tickets with Indian Eagle.
  • What do Telangana people eat for lunch?
    Answer: It depends on the individual food preferences. But most people in Telangana eat rice instead of roti for lunch along with one or two curries.
  • What is Jauzi Halwa?
    Answer: The jauzi halwa is a famous sweet of Hyderabad that is prepared using nutmeg, sugar, milk, wheat flour, saffron, and a lot of ghee along with other ingredients.
  • What is Nizam cuisine?
    Answer: The Hyderabadi cuisine is also sometimes referred to as the Nizam or Nizami cuisine.
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