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Top 8 Business Travel Hacks All Corporate Travelers Should Know!

Business Travel Hacks All Corporate Travelers Should Know
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If your life revolves around airport terminals and you basically work (and live) out of a suitcase, then these business travel hacks are just for you! Working and living on the go is not an easy feat to achieve as those who do it on a regular basis will testify. While a job that requires one to travel for the most part of the year may sound like fun, it won’t always be smooth sailing especially with improper planning. So to help you make your work trips a bit easier, we’ve got some top business travel hacks for you. Check them out below!

Best Business Travel Tips:

We asked a bunch of frequent business flyers about the most important business travel hacks they could recommend. Based on their suggestions, we’ve come up with a list of the best travel hacks 2018 and otherwise to help you in your corporate travels. These business travel hacks will come in handy whether you are on a planned business trip or making an emergency work trip on last minute flights.

  1. Invest in a good carry-on

Armed with the confessions of a packing expert, we can tell you for certain that one of the best business travel packing hacks is to bring just a carry-on. Not only is it easy to lug around, but you will also be able to avoid having to wait in line to check extra baggage. One bag business travel has, thereby, been the norm for a long time now. Do remember to wear comfortable clothing for flight travel. You don’t really need to already be in the suit unless the meeting is scheduled to be just after you land.

  1. Pack sensibly

Among the top business travel packing tips is to pack just the essentials. After all, it’s a business trip and you don’t really need the extra 5 pairs of clothing. Pack things that can be worn interchangeably. Roll them, by all means. But be careful not to pack in a way that causes unseemly creases on the clothes you need to wear for that crucial meeting you had once you land. This is one of the best business travel hacks packing-wise.

  1. Aim for elite status

One of the best ever business travel hacks is to fly with one or more particular airlines enough to achieve elite status with them. Not only does this save you time on future travels, but it will also carry other benefits. For instance, one of the business flyers we spoke to told us how he was bumped to first place on a standby after a canceled flight. He marvels how he was just one of the only two people privileged enough to be on the flight.

  1. Get a TSA PreCheck membership

This is counted among the topmost business travel hacks by many of the corporate travelers we spoke with. They said it was imperative especially if you couldn’t afford to miss a flight and had to absolutely be there at a destination. The membership will get you through security faster than everyone else without you having to take off your shoes, laptop bags, and other things. Boarding business class flights cannot get simpler than this!

  1. Systematize a mobile office

You can’t always be prepared for last-minute work trips. But you can always work a bit during the flight. One of the top business travel hacks is to organize a mobile office for your travel. Pack plenty of chargers and a power cord that can charge at least 3 devices at the same time in case there’s just one power outlet. Noise-canceling headphones are a plus. Pens, notepads, books, and other things you may need should also be brought along.

  1. Be open to Airbnbs

One of the top business travel hacks frequently used by a flyer we spoke with included staying at Airbnbs. He said that just because one is able to afford flying in business class, there was no need to splurge on accommodation as well. Staying at Airbnbs and other such places will enable not just corporate travelers but other travelers as well to save a significant amount of money.

  1. Install your airline’s app

It’s one of the best business travel hacks that help you save time and manage your trip even before you’re on the flight. You can check your flight status online, access boarding pass and airport maps, manage seat assignments, and even keep tabs on potential flight schedule changes. The biggest benefit of this, one of the best business travel hacks, is that you will have access to real-time flight updates.

  1. Get an American Express Business Platinum Card

This is especially useful if you’re booking business international flight tickets. One of the business travelers we spoke to swears by this among all business travel hacks. Claiming it gets her access to most airport lounges, she can travel in peace knowing that free Wi-Fi, food, drinks, and a number of power outlets are within reach. It’s among the topmost business travel hacks especially if your itinerary includes layovers.

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