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Things You Should Not Pack in Your Checked Bag


Nowadays, travelers prefer to have a carry on only while flying some do it to dodge the checked baggage fees and some just don’t want to waste time standing in long queues. As more and more travelers fly only with carry on, the TSA security rules are quite familiar among them like what can and what cannot go through the carry-on luggage. But, it’s not that all the things that are not allowed to be carried in the carry on, can be dumped in the checked bag.

We have got you all the information about the things you should not pack in your checked bag while flying to India from USA. Yes, there are certain TSA restrictions to consider while packing the bag to be checked at the airport. Not just for these restrictions, but you should also consider worst situations while packing, like what if you lost your bag or the contents inside gets badly damaged? You must not keep anything valuable in the checked bag. If it is something you can’t lose, pack it in the carry on or just leave at home.

Things not to pack in the checked baggage


Things You Should Not Pack in Your Checked Bag

Being an avid traveler, you must be aware that not everything goes as planned and you might not get your luggage as scheduled. To consider the rarest of cases, you might not get it at all! In situations like these, you might not have any access to your medicines and if the carry on is also gate checked due to no overhead space, you are in a soup. So, it is always better to keep your medicines in your hand bag or the waist pouch.

E-Readers, laptops, tablets and other electronics

Things You Should Not Pack in Your Checked Bag

Packing electronic items in the check-in baggage might lighten your carry on but on a risk of being damaged. If you don’t yet know, bags are thrown routinely in transit as the handlers are in a hurry to pass them on. You feel safe with the fragile tag on? That doesn’t guarantee the safety of your belongings. It is not just about your expensive and delicate electronics getting damaged but there’s also a risk of theft. If that happens, do not expect anything from the airlines as they clearly mention in the contract of carriage that it will not take any responsibility of damaged or stolen electronics. If it is a must to take along the electronics in the check-in baggage, buy the excess valuation coverage.

Cash, Jewelry and other valuables

As already mentioned, do not pack anything that you fear to lose in the checked bag because the airlines won’t take any responsibility of the valuables. If you have to travel with jewelry and cash, pack it in your carry on. Even your carry on might get gate checked if there’s no enough overhead space. So, make sure you are not in the last boarding group. Reach the airport on time and make sure to board on time.

All clothes

Packing for air travel needs common sense more than anything. Do not do the mistake of packing all your clothes in the trolley to be gate checked at the airport. What if your bag gets lost? Be smart enough to pack a pair of outfit in your carry on bag, only if the worst befalls. If you lack room, at least dump a pair of extra undies and some toiletries in your bag to stay fresh.

Passport and other important documents

Things You Should Not Pack in Your Checked Bag

Now, this one is a big NO. You must not pack your important documents like Passport, ID proofs, etc. in your checked baggage. Yeah, we know in this tech savvy world, everything is accessible in the smartphones, even mobile passports apps are trending but it is still not as widespread. Do not be a fool to keep your original Id and passport in your checked bag. Even a copy of any important document that has your personal information or banking details is not safe in the checked bag. Being on the safe side, make copies of the id and passport & email yourself the soft copies before leaving for the airport.

Lighters, matches, e-Cigarettes

Things You Should Not Pack in Your Checked Bag

As per the list provided by TSA to passengers, you may pack one book of safety matches in the carry on but it is strictly prohibited in the checked bag. Zippo and disposable lighters without fuel are allowed in carry ons. You can pack up to two fueled lighters in a checked suitcase only if it is properly packed in DOT approved cases. Coming to e-Cigarettes and vaping pens, these are also allowed in carry ons and not in checked baggage.

Lithium Batteries

Things You Should Not Pack in Your Checked Bag

Lithium batteries can explode mid-flight and there need not be any other reason asked by passengers for not carrying lithium batteries along. You can bring lithium-metal and lithium-ion batteries, but in your carry on. Suitcases or bags with charging port must be checked after removing the charger.

Now that you are aware of the things not to pack in your checked baggage, you can book cheap flights from USA to India for a vacation. Make sure to check the list of items allowed and restricted online.


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