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7 Best places to visit in February in India 2020

places to visit in February in India
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The world recognizes February as the Month of Love but in India, it is also a tranquil time in terms of weather. The perfect spring climate also indicated the beginning of a number of festivals and fairs held across the country. India is a big country but the one thing all the places have in common is the pleasant weather that sweeps the place in the month of February. To make life easier for you travel bugs, here is an ultimate guide to the best places to visit in February in India 2020.

It’s important for you to decide what you would like to experience from this trip, so that you can make the right plan. India is multicultural with vast and diverse areas to explore. Here is a comprehensive list of all the best places to visit in North and South India.

Best Places to Visit in February in North India 

A trip to North India is for those who crave the wondrous nature of mountains and valleys. The spellbinding beauty of the Himalayas to the sandy deserts in North India garner the attention of tourists on a regular basis. Here is a compilation of the best places to visit in February in North India.

Nainital: A Journey Through The Lake City 

This Himalayan resort town located in Uttarakhand is a mesmerizing hill station, putting it on the top of the North India tourist places list. The serene town is built around a gorgeous lake with amazing boating activities. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway, Nainital is the place to be. It has also been rated as one of the best places to visit in February. Also, remember to add shopping at the Tibetan Market on Mall Road to your itinerary.

Shimla: Venture Down The Queen Of Hills 

Your 2020 getaway can be surrounded by breathtaking beauty if you choose to explore all the best places to visit in Shimla. Famously known as the Queen of Hills, Shimla is one of the best places to visit in February. Get ready to experience the beauty of plush valleys and snow-capped mountains.

Ranthambore: Join The Fraternity Of Tigers 

This one is for all the wildlife lovers out there looking for a way to reconnect with nature. The Ranthambore National Park was once a hunting ground for the royals and now is a place wild animals get to live in serenity. You can get an exciting safari across the 1300 sq km area to spot tigers, bears and many other endangered species.

The National Park is also filled with a number of water bodies where the animals gather to cool off. This trip is your very own African safari but in India giving it a spot among the best places to visit in February.

Rann of Kutch: Experience The Wild West At Its Best

Everyone needs to travel to the white desert of India at least once in their lifetime as it is one of the best places to visit in February. In the second month of the year, the Rann of Kutch offers a plethora of experiences. One of the main reasons to visit is the Rann Utsav, a festival that reflects the authenticity of the region.

Best Places to visit in February in South India 

Now that we’ve covered the best places to visit in North India now it’s time to explore the South. The South of India is full of surprises from housing the Scotland of India (Coorg) to God’s very own country (Kerala). While most places list out every tourist place to visit, here you will find the best places to visit in February in South India.

Coorg: Discover The Scotland Of India 

The Scots were the first to notice the uncanny similarities between their homeland and Coorg. Both places are surrounded by never ending misty mountainous landscapes making it one of the best tourist places in the South. The month of February is particularly special as the weather goes from cold to pleasant.

Kerala: An Unforgettable Trip In God’s Own Country 

God’s own country, Kerala is an oasis of natural beauty that lies along the Western Ghats. This South Indian state is known for its beautiful backwaters and is named one of the 10 paradises in the world by National Geographic Traveler. This list covers places rather than a whole state but choosing one of the many glorious places in Kerala is difficult.

Hence, if you plan a trip to South India, Kerala should be on your bucket list. Travel through the green carpeted landscapes in Palakkad or visit the Land of Lagoons in Alleppey. Don’t worry whichever place you choose Kerala will not disappoint.

Pondicherry: The French Riviera of The East 

This former French colony is the perfect dreamy escape to experience the best of both worlds. Although this Union Territory is small, it is filled with a beautiful blend of Indian and French cultures. Visit any of the cozy cafes or chic boutiques that offer mouth-watering French food.

If Pondicherry is your choice, remember to take a walk down the French Quarter also known as White Town. Colonial structures with an unending trail of Bougainvillea flowers is the highlight of this street adding it to the best places to visit in February.

This ultimate India travel guide was carefully planned to suit travelers visiting India in February 2020. Apart from choosing a place, you also have to book flight tickets for your much-awaited getaway. Finding reasonable flights can be strenuous and that’s why IndianEagle has your back. It compares and lists all the cheap flights available from the United States to India. So, what are you waiting for, start booking.

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