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Araku Trip: Top 6 Places to Visit in Araku Valley

Top 6 Places to Visit in Araku Valley
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Araku valley, a quaint hill station in the Eastern Ghats, is one of the blissful locations to take a breather from the fast-paced lifestyle. At the end of the day, a nature trip is what we all crave, isn’t it? So, plan your trip to this beautiful valley in the lap of nature and check out these 6 places to visit in Araku Valley.

Best Experiences to Have in Araku Valley 

Regarded as the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh, Araku Valley is a paradise for nature lovers. Abundantly blessed with verdant mountains, waterfalls, streams, undulating coffee plantations, and ancient caves, the captivating beauty of the Araku valley is better experienced than explained! Book your flights to India now! Holiday in Araku soaking up its tranquil environs, pleasant weather, and indigenous tribal culture.

Araku Valley Tourism: 6 Best Places to Visit in Araku

  • Galikonda View Point
  • Borra Caves
  • Katiki/Katika Waterfalls
  • Chaparai water cascades
  • Galikonda View Point
  • Tribal Museum
  • Padmapuram Gardens

Galikonda View Point:

Perched at an altitude of 4320 feet above sea level, Galikonda View Point is the highest point in Visakhapatnam. Visiting the Galikonda View Point is the most recommended thing to do in Araku Valley, as we wouldn’t want you to miss the bird’s-eye view of the entire valley. Revel in the heavenly vistas of the verdant valleys, misty mountains, rivers, streams, railway tracks, hillocks, and cottages! Click instagram-worthy shots of the valley from Galikonda View Point, a must-visit spot for photography enthusiasts.

Borra Caves:

Borra caves, the marvelous creations of nature, are one of the top places to visit in Araku Valley. Located in Ananthagiri hills at an elevation of 705 m, Borra caves extending to a depth of 80 m are the deepest caves in India! Locally known as Borra Guhalu, they remained a secret to the outside world until discovered in 1807 by William King George of GSI. These million-year-old caves are said to have formed due to the chemical reaction in this limestone region caused by the flow of the Gosthani River.

Exploring Borra caves is truly a remarkable experience – the irregular speleothems (whose shapes vaguely resemble different animals, human body parts, Gods, etc.) stir up your abstract thinking abilities. The kaleidoscopic effect of the artificial lights adds to the mystical beauty of Borra caves!

Katiki/Katika Waterfalls:

Situated at a distance of 4-6 km from the Borra caves, this is a wonderful place to visit in Araku valley. Hidden deep in the forest area, one needs to trek through lush forests up a hill to reach the base of Katiki waterfalls. Although it is a short trek of 20-30 minutes, the tricky trail exhilarates and tires you at the same time. There are several food stalls along the way, which are indeed great spots to pause and sample the famous Bamboo Chicken! The enchanting sight of the silvery-white waterfall against the green canvas of nature instantly lifts up your mood and expels tiredness. Tourists are also allowed to swim in the cool waters of the pool at the base!

Chaparai water cascades:

Chaparai waterfalls, also known as Dumbriguda waterfalls, are unique in their kind and thus, are among the top Araku places to see! Surrounded by thick green forests, Chaparai water cascades are a continuous stream of water sliding along the slick surface of wide rock formations. The breathtaking beauty of the landscape draws many tourists to this popular attraction in Araku Valley. It is also the favorite picnic spot of the locals. Move about carefully on the slippery rocks and let the gentle flow of water tickle you while you enjoy the refreshing breeze!

Tribal Museum:

If the tribal culture of the area interests you, check out the Tribal Museum! It is the best place to visit in Araku Valley to get an insight into the tribal lifestyle, customs, and traditions. The traditionally designed two-storied building displays fascinating artworks and artifacts of the tribal people such as hunting tools, jewelry, kitchen utensils, musical instruments, etc. There’s also a section where beautifully created human models depict tribal dances called Dhimsa and Mayur. After exploring the museum, go paddle-boating in the artificial pond located within the museum complex.

Padmapuram Gardens:

Padmapuram Gardens is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Araku Valley. Originally built in 1942 to provide vegetable supplies to the soldiers of World War II, today’s reformed botanical garden sprawling 26 acres is a top tourist place in Araku. Besides the exotic varieties of plants, rose gardens, and impressive sculptures, the major attractions of Padmapuram Gardens are its treetop huts (also called hanging cottages) and Araku Express toy train ride. You’ll love experiencing the random swaying motion of the hanging cottage induced by a heavy breeze!

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