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Over 1,000 Flights Canceled in the US Due to Tropical Storm Hilary

Tropical Storm Hilary
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Tropical Storm Hilary has left its mark on the aviation landscape, causing the cancellation of more than 1,000 scheduled flights across the United States over the weekend. With its impact felt particularly in the western part of the country, this storm has disrupted travel plans and operations at numerous airports.

A total of 1,000+ flights to, from, or within the US have been canceled due to the storm’s fury. Among the worst-hit airports are Harry Reid International Airport, where 170 flights were canceled, followed by San Diego International Airport with 120 cancellations, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with 66 cancellations.

In addition to cancellations, the storm has also caused delays in flight schedules, affecting around 4,771 US flights. Remarkably, this storm marks the first tropical storm to hit Southern California in 84 years. With flash flooding warnings issued for about 9 million residents, authorities urged people to avoid travel unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you have booked Indian Eagle cheap tickets, it is recommended that you check the status of your flight before reaching the airport. 

Southwest Airlines, a major player in the affected regions, experienced a significant number of cancellations and delays due to the storm. Many of California’s airports saw a substantial portion of their Sunday flights canceled. For instance, Hollywood Burbank Airport witnessed 38% of outbound and inbound flights canceled, John Wayne Airport in Orange County faced a 20% cancellation rate for both, and Long Beach Airport experienced 32% outbound and a staggering 42% inbound flights canceled.

Airlines Extend Compassionate Waivers for Tropical Storm Hilary

In response to the disruptions caused by Tropical Storm Hilary, several airlines have issued travel waivers to help affected passengers.  Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, American Airlines, and United Airlines are all offering flexibility in rebooking or canceling domestic and international flights to the affected regions within certain timeframes.

Alaska Airlines Waiver for Tropical Storm Hilary

Alaska Airlines emerges as a beacon of flexibility, permitting travelers scheduled between August 20-21 to change or cancel flights without incurring fees. Cities covered include San Diego, Los Angeles, Ontario, Burbank, Palm Springs, San Luis Obispo, Santa Ana, and Santa Barbara. This waiver extends exclusively to flights issued by Alaska Airlines, with travel required to be completed by August 25. Notably, guests with flights between August 18-20 to or from Los Cabos and Loreto, Mexico, are also in line for this offer. 

American Airlines Waiver for Tropical Storm Hilary

American Airlines is waiving change fees for travelers slated to fly between August 20-21. The new journey, however, must transpire before August 25. This thoughtful waiver encompasses cities like Los Angeles, Ontario, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, San Diego, Burbank, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Ana/Orange County, and Yuma. Notably, passengers traversing Los Cabos International Airport in Mexico until August 20 also qualify, with the new trip to be undertaken by August 22.

Delta Air Lines Waiver for Tropical Storm Hilary

Delta Air Lines brings respite to affected passengers with their waiver policy. Travelers flying through cities like Las Vegas, San Diego, Burbank, Los Angeles, Ontario, Long Beach, Palm Springs, and Santa Ana between August 20-21 can rebook sans fare differences. The new journey must unfold by August 24. Additionally, those flying to, from, or through Los Cabos International Airport from August 19-20 can find solace in a similar waiver, with the new travel window extending until August 23.

Frontier Airlines Waiver for Tropical Storm Hilary

Frontier Airlines extends a generous offer, permitting travelers in San Diego, Santa Ana, and Ontario to alter their flights without incurring fees. The window for this waiver spans August 20-21.

JetBlue Airways Waiver for Tropical Storm Hilary

JetBlue Airways embodies compassion, enabling passengers in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Ontario, Burbank, Las Vegas to change or cancel flights without fees or fare differences between August 20-21. The new journey must commence by August 25. Furthermore, the waiver is extended to travelers to/from Los Cabos International Airport, allowing them to navigate their new trip until August 22 without change or cancellation fees.

Southwest Airlines Waiver for Tropical Storm Hilary

Southwest Airlines steps up with rebooking flexibility for travelers in cities like Los Angeles, Burbank, Long Beach, Ontario, San Diego, Las Vegas, Orange County/Santa Ana, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, scheduled to fly between August 20-21. This waiver extends its shelter to those with flights to, from, or through Los Cabos International Airport, for journeys booked from August 18-20.

United Airlines Waiver for Tropical Storm Hilary

United Airlines shows solidarity by offering reservation changes with no fees or fare differences for passengers scheduled to travel between August 20-21. Cities encompassed by this gesture include Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Ontario, Palm Springs, Burbank, Orange County, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara. The new journey must materialize by August 28. 

While the impact of tropical storm Hilary is undeniable, the airline industry’s commitment to passenger safety and convenience is evident through these waivers. With such unpredictable weather events, these flexible policies provide much-needed relief to travelers facing travel disruptions due to the forces of nature.

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