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Ooty Announces Ban of Single-Use Plastic Products from August 15, 2019


Being one of the most traveled and popular hill stations in the state of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is moving towards another step to become a plastic free area. The hill station attracts a large number of tourists from India and abroad that leads to increased plastic litter.

To initiate responsible tourism and take measures to improve the environmental conditions, the Nilgiri District Administration has announced the ban of plastic from August 15, 2019.

The district administration had already banned single-use plastic such as packaged food items in plastic and soft drinks and even plastic water bottles.

The complete plastic ban is not just for the hill station of Ooty but also covers all the major towns of the district lying along the highway.

As per reports, the ban imposed by Nilgiri District Administration was announced after the order was passed by the Madras High court last month. The order included that the Collector must ensure ruling out of any possibility that might result in entry of plastic products into the district.

The court order was issued after the locals of the region filed a petition against the use of plastic products. The locals wrote in the petition that the natural beauty of the hill station is getting hindered by the excessive plastic waste left behind by the visitors, turning the beautiful place into a garbage dump.

Not only this, on orders of the court, the Nilgiri District administration has also banned single-use plastic products beyond the NIlgiri entry points which includes areas such as Burliar, Thalur, Kunjapanai, Nadugani, Pattavayal, Solladi, Nambiar, Geddai and Kakkanallah.

The interesting part is the visitors cannot take back any plastic products with them as well. So, all the Indians and foreigners looking for cheap flight deals to visit Ooty after August 15, 2019, make sure you don’t take any plastic items along with you.

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