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Mumbai International Airport Limited Plans to Enhance Passenger Processing Capacity with AI-Enabled Cameras

Mumbai airport enhances passenger processing capacity, by deploying AI-enabled cameras
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Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has significantly enhanced its processing capacity, handling approximately 8,000 passengers per hour. This improvement comes with the expansion of both non-DigiYatra facilities and DigiYatra across its two terminals. 

It aims to provide a more efficient and convenient travel experience by reducing wait times at the kerbside to less than one minute. Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) announces the deployment of AI and ML-enabled cameras to improve the airport’s security system.

Mumbai Airport Increased Entry Lanes and E-Gates

One of the important upgrades at the Mumbai airport includes the increase in the number of entry lanes, also known as terminal entry points or e-gates. The number of e-gates has increased from 24 to 68, marking the highest number of e-gates at any airport kerbside or landside in India. This includes 34 entry lanes for DigiYatra passengers, utilizing a digital gateway solution without requiring structural modifications.

Terminal 1, dedicated to domestic passengers features six dedicated DigiYatra e-gates and six non-DigiYatra e-gates. These enhancements not only boost the airport’s capacity but also improve the passenger experience by reducing wait times and streamlining entry processes.

Enhancements at Airport Terminal 2

Further improvements are evident at Terminal 2 (T2), where an additional 118 e-gates are being installed at the Pre-embarkation Security Check (PESC) area. This deployment aims to simplify traveler movement through the terminal. With the integration of biometric verification, DigiYatra passengers can pass through the e-gates easily without the need to show their ticket, boarding pass, or identity verification.

The enhancements at Mumbai Airport with AI cameras are likely to have a considerable impact on passengers. The improved processing capacity and reduced wait times will ensure a smoother travel experience, making the airport a preferred hub for international travelers.

Mumbai International Airport Limited’s recent enhancements in passenger processing capacity, the deployment of AI-enabled cameras, and the development of DigiYatra facilities serve as an important move towards providing a more efficient, secure, and passenger-friendly environment.  The improvements not only serve the expanding number of travelers, but they also meet global airport operational and security standards. Whether flying domestically or internationally, passengers can now look forward to a comfortable journey through one of India’s busiest airports.

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