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7 Key Tips to Plan Long Weekend Getaways and Hassle-free Trips!

Tips to plan long weekend getaways
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There are a couple of simple yet effective tips to plan long weekend getaways not all travelers are aware of. A lot of us plan in vain for that perfect weekend getaway and end up getting a raw deal. Why is that, you ask? Well, it’s because most of the time, our inadequacy at planning gets in the way. However, these weekend getaway tips will help you to have the most enjoyable and hassle-free trip ever! You’ll experience weekend travel like never before and want to hit the road again a lot sooner than you’d think even possible. Follow some of the top tips to plan long weekend getaways listed below and enjoy the most relaxing getaways ever.

How to plan a perfect weekend getaway:

The tips to plan long weekend getaways listed below will help you minimize discomfort and be better prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Keep these in mind even when making an impromptu trip on last minute flights. Some of these weekend travel tips are awesome solo travel tips as well. Use these and enjoy planning a weekend getaway with boyfriend, girlfriend, family, and friends!

  1. Outline your budget

This is among the topmost things to remember if you wish to know how to plan a weekend getaway with friends or family. Efficient budgeting for a weekend trip is among the most important tips to plan long weekend getaways. Sit down with your travel buddies, or by yourself if you’re going it solo, and chalk out a clear budget. Decide how much you can spend. Make a list of the expenses and also look out for any unplanned expense you may incur. With the budgeting for a weekend trip is done, you can move onto the next important step.

  1. Pick the best destination for you

When choosing a destination, consider the things to do on a weekend getaway that interests you the most. Make sure your travel companions give in their inputs and suggestions. Spend a day or two doing this until at your travel companions and you are in agreement. When a place is finalized, do a bit of research on it before leaving. Why this is among the important tips to plan long weekend getaways is because this will minimize your risks. Knowing you’re visiting a safe place will help you enjoy the getaway more.

  1. Should you book flights or rent a car?

This is among the best tips to plan long weekend getaways if you wish to explore destinations within your country. If you’re chosen destination is a bit far off, check with your group if they’d rather take a flight or rent a car. If it’s within driving distance, you can make an exciting road trip of it. Do ensure the vehicle you hire is safe and sturdy. Take turns driving and halt whenever required. Try to avoid driving at night. Of course, you can also fly down just as easily. Not only will flying save you time, but you can also book business class flights and enjoy a luxurious journey.

  1. Find save accommodation and book in advance

Among the top tips to plan long weekend getaways is to find good accommodation. You don’t want to make the harrowing journey to your destinations and find that the accommodation is a massive let down. This could ruin your whole trip. To avoid this, ensure to pick good and safe accommodation beforehand. You will find many rooms online at incredibly low rates. However, if budget is not a constraint, you can even book upscale lodgings. Just make sure to do it before actually getting there.

  1. Inform your family and Credit Card Company

If you’re taking the weekend trip with friends, tell your family about it in advance. Don’t just drop off the map suddenly. In fact, one of the best tips to plan long weekend getaways safety-wise is to always keep someone informed of your whereabouts. This will help you in case there’s unforeseen trouble. Also, inform your Credit Card Company that you’re about to make a trip. You don’t want to be halfway across the world when your card gets rejected just because your Credit Card Company doesn’t think it’s you.

  1. Make sure your baggage in light

We cannot highlight enough how important this is! This is among the best ever tips to plan long weekend getaways. Pack only the necessary stuff so that your baggage is light and easy to lug around. If you’re making a road trip with friends, this will take up less space in the car. All your bags will fit in and you will also have enough space to stretch your legs while on the road. If taking a flight, ensure you only take a carry-on along. Not only will it be cheaper, but you will also find it easier to carry and keep it safe.

  1. Be open to extending the weekend

Whether you’re booking international flight tickets or taking a road trip across the state, know that you can extend your weekend trip if you want to. It’s among the best weekend getaway ideas anyone can give you. You need not have a detailed itinerary that tells you what to do every single minute. Just go with the flow and take one day at a time. This is among the topmost tips to plan long weekend getaways that you can truly enjoy. If you’re not ready to return just yet, stay back a while longer. Everybody deserves a little ‘me time.’ So, don’t hesitate and enjoy the best weekend trip ever!

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