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Cathay Pacific Introduces Exquisite Plant-Based Long-Haul Dining Experience

Cathay Pacific Refreshes Long Haul Dining Experience
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Cathay Pacific is welcoming a new era of flight travel by providing an exciting range of plant-based culinary delights, especially for its economy and premium economy passengers. In a groundbreaking collaboration with Hong Kong’s renowned plant-forward restaurant, VEDA by Ovolo. Cathay Pacific is not only redefining the long haul dining experience but also paving the way for a more sustainable and wellness-focused journey.

An Elevated Experience for All

When airlines launch new features, they frequently target their premium customers. Cathay Pacific airlines, on the other hand, has taken a significant step toward inclusion by setting up amazing dining modifications for passengers seated in both economy and premium economy cabins. If you’re planning a trip to the United States soon, book Indian Eagle cheap flights. So you can have a budget-friendly and pleasant vacation.

Cathay Pacific’s innovative partnership with VEDA by Ovolo is more than just a culinary partnership– it’s a shared commitment to exquisite dining and sustainable practices. This collaboration comes from a shared vision to provide passengers with exceptional cuisine that is not only tantalizing to the taste buds but also environmentally responsible.

Apart from the delectable flavors, this partnership highlights Cathay Pacific’s continuous commitment to sustainability. The airline is taking a more environmentally conscious strategy by embracing plant-forward alternatives and mindfully managing resources. Cathay Pacific’s incredible 56% reduction in single-use plastic consumption since 2018 is a key monument to this endeavor.

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Embarking on a Gastronomic Journey

Traveling with Cathay Pacific long haul flights is now a culinary adventure in its own right. Between now and June 2024, passengers departing from Hong Kong International (HKG) can relish a rotating selection of delectable dishes that promise to tantalize their palates and nourish their well-being.

In the premium economy class, travelers can indulge in a range of appetizers that include Bombay carrot salad with cashews and raisins, an Indian-inspired slaw with a zesty lime and ginger dressing, and a flavorful hummus with harissa-roasted cauliflower.

The main course options are equally enticing, featuring a Keralan-style coconut curry infused with a delicate blend of spices, a roasted vegetable tagine with halloumi cheese, and a Panang dry curry tofu with cashews served alongside coconut rice and green beans.

Economy class passengers are treated to delights like purple quinoa tabbouleh and a Mediterranean potato salad, while main course options encompass Northern Thai-style coconut curry noodles and a vegetable marsala accompanied by fragrant green pulao rice.

Cathay Pacific’s legacy as a premium airline is now amplified with this extraordinary culinary transformation. These contemporary gastronomic selections don’t just bring a refreshing change; they also accentuate the airline’s differentiation from the conventional low-cost carriers across the Asia-Pacific region.

With Cathay Pacific’s innovative approach to long haul dining experience, every mile traveled becomes an opportunity to indulge in exceptional tastes, foster well-being, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Welcome aboard this journey of culinary delight and conscious choices.

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