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Maharashtra’s Kaas Plateau to Welcome Tourists All Round the Year


Maharashtra’s Kaas Plateau to Welcome Tourists All Round the Year

Kaas Plateau is located in Maharashtra and receives a lot of visitors during the months of September and October every year. This is the time when the entire plateau turns lush and is covered with a dense layer of beautiful wildflowers. Hence, it is also known as the state’s very own ‘valley of flowers’.

As the landscape of this region turns into different hues of pink, yellow and orange, photographers and tourists flock to capture perfectly timed shots. But, what if this becomes a tourist hotspot; 365 days of the year?

Soon, Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra will turn into one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. Located in the Satara district, it will be transformed into a tourist center. The authorities have decided to add selfie points and set up scenic locations for photoshoots in order to attract more tourists towards the natural beauty around this area. 

What’s New?

Once Maharashtra’s Kaas Plateau becomes an all-season tourist destination, tourists will be able to do an array of activities rather than just pre or post wedding photoshoots. The district authorities also plan to set up a tourist center under Maharashtra’s ‘Umed Abhiyan’ through which local women from self-help groups can showcase their manufactured products and sell these to the tourists visiting the region. 

Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra has 850+ species of flowering plants that enhance the beauty of this region post monsoon. Although the plateau is made up of volcanic rocks, it’s amazing how it is still able to support the growth of a variety of plants. 

How to Reach Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra? 

You can book cheap flights to Mumbai through Indian Eagle to reach the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. You can later take a road trip from Mumbai to the gorgeous Kaas Plateau. It is located approximately 280 kms away from the ‘city of dreams’. You will have to take a nearly 6 hour drive via the Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway (NH4).


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