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Hyderabad tops the list of the best cities to live and work in India in 2020.


We all dream of achieving big in life! It’s without any doubt that personal factors like faith, support, and dedicated efforts are key to one’s success, but external factors such as the facilities and scope for progressiveness (right from the easy availability of quality education to favorability to diverse career opportunities, technology implementations, etc.) are equally crucial. Aspirants often migrate to such places having all the provisions conducive to their growth!

Many studies and surveys are also conducted frequently at national and international levels with the aim of identifying the top places to live, study, work, etc. One such national survey conducted by a popular holiday destination discovery platform Holidify has the result that Hyderabad is the best city to live and work in India!

In the survey carried out among 34 Indian cities, Hyderabad bagged the topmost spot scoring 4.0 out of 5, followed by Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, and Chennai in the next four consecutive positions of “34 Best cities to live and work in India.”

Referring to the survey, the Holidify website said, “The best cities to live in India in 2020 are an amalgamation of the cultures of various states that have been moulded into well-structured cities. Whether it is strong infrastructure, sustainable development or simply improving the economy, these mega-cities function effortlessly due to incredible process mechanisms.”

It is also worth noting that Hyderabad was designated as ‘The world’s most dynamic city’ in the ‘JLL City Momentum Index 2020.’ In addition to this, the City of Nizams has also been ranked as ‘The best Indian city to live in’ by ‘Mercer’s Quality of Living Ranking’ for five consecutive years (2015-19).

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Holidify’s survey opined that the capital city of Telangana is ‘fast turning into the New York of South India,’ and also said, “A city of contrasts, Hyderabad exudes an old-world charm of its own with the Old City (Charminar side), Hitech City (Cyberabad) and the other areas lying between the old and the new.”

It further reflected, “Hyderabad is home to stately mosques and noisy bazaars lined parallelly alongside swanky new office buildings and malls, and it is these very contrasts – these glimpses into the city’s rich past with inherent promises of an even better future – that make Hyderabad a city worth visiting. Hyderabad pulsates with a spectacular mix of people and traditions.”

As per the survey, the best time to visit this vibrant city is between the months of September and March. If you haven’t been to Hyderabad yet, plan your next trip to the City of Pearls and explore its various attractions. Book cheap flights to Hyderabad here and save huge on airfare!


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