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Increasing Flight Cancellations with the Approaching Hurricane Florence


As per latest updates, the massive life-threatening hurricane Florence is moving Northwest at a speed of 5mph & the highest sustained winds is quite close to 90mph. It is to cause havoc on air travel in the region especially through the cities of North Carolina, South Caroline and Virginia.

From the updates by National Hurricane Center, the storm will move near the northeastern coast of North Carolina and southern coast of North Carolina on Friday. The storm is forecasted to prevail in slow motion across the areas of central and eastern Carolina on Friday night continuing to Saturday night.

Increasing Cancellation of Flights

With the worsening weather conditions, several airlines have rescheduled or canceled flights for the coming days. Southwest Airlines was the first to cancel flights to or from South Carolina through Friday evening. The airlines have suspended operations at most of its service airports like Charleston International Airport, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Virginia Norfolk International Airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport and Richmond International Airport.

American Airlines on Wednesday canceled 80 flights and around 485 flights between Monday and Sunday to and from airports in South Carolina, North Caroline and Williamsburg International Airport in Virginia.

On the other hand United Airlines and Delta Airlines were waiting to make a decision of flight cancelations based on the updates of weather forecast, evacuation warnings, on ground conditions and potential airport closures. Focusing on the present scenario, the airlines are to announce cancelations in the areas soon.

United and Delta Airlines are waiving fees and cutting down on flight change charges for the customers flying from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. United Airlines on Wednesday planned to fly a larger aircraft by adding extra seats with an intention to help in evacuation efforts before the hurricane hits the inland.

United Airlines have allowed passengers through 16 airports in the high-alert areas to reschedule flights without paying any extra amount for flight change. American Airlines have waived fees at 23 airports with Delta Airlines waiving the fees at 16 airports in North Carolina, South Caroline and Virginia.

With over thousands of flights being canceled and the number increasing every hour, airlines and air travel are facing a strong impact due to the Category 1 hurricane Florence.

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