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How Is America Gearing Up for the Fourth of July? Here’s What We Know!

Fourth of July

Fourth of July – a significant date in US history and one of America’s biggest celebrations – is only a few days away! On this historic day nearly two and a half centuries ago, 13 North American colonies proclaimed independence from England by signing the ‘Declaration of Independence’, and ever since, the birth of American Independence has been celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. What was then a mere group of 13 colonies eventually became the world’s most influential nation – The United States of America (a total of 50 states and a federal district).

While the country broke with the tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July in 2020 (a year that was not meant for gatherings and festivities) owing to the dire COVID situation about this time last year, America seems to be up for Independent Day 2021 celebrations on a small scale though.

July 4th with loved ones‘ was the actual ‘goal’ of the Biden administration that had set a target of inoculating 70% of American adults by 4 July. President Joe Biden hoped for Independence Day 2021 to be special and symbolic; he wanted this Fourth of July to mark not only America’s independence as a nation, but also its independence from the virus’. Despite the unlikeliness of reaching 70% vaccination goal by the Fourth of July, the progress the White House has made in handling the COVID-19 outbreak calls for a celebration on this special holiday.

Americans Plans for the Fourth of July this year:

Fourth of July (summertime) is generally one of the biggest travel seasons in the US. With CDC relaxing travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers, Americans are planning to book flights and go on vacations. According to a summer travel survey conducted by The Vacationer, more than half of Americans (51%) intend to travel for the Fourth of July this year, and this number is nearly double the number of people that traveled for Memorial Day. The survey also finds that 73% of Americans are interested in attending a BBQ or cookout and 60% wish to view fireworks which they missed last year.

The White House Plans for the Fourth of July 2021:

There are reports that President Joe Biden is planning to host first responders, essential workers, military service members and their families on the South Lawn on the Fourth of July. This ‘Independence’ party pays tribute to their selfless service and support in the war against coronavirus and celebrates America’s victory over the virus while also marking its return to normalcy. As per the reports, the White House is also expecting to see similar Independence Day activities across the country celebrating freedom.

Independence Day Celebrations in USA:

The Independence Day Celebrations in USA range from casual family gatherings, get-togethers, cookouts and barbecues in backyards to grand parades, scintillating firework displays, political ceremonies, concerts, carnivals and fairs.

Each family has its own traditions and favorite ways of enjoying the holiday. Picnicking with family, indulging in outdoor activities, hanging out on beaches, visiting a national park or historic site, and attending sports events are some of the family-specific traditions followed on this special holiday.

Little-known facts about the Fourth of July:

  • Although the Congress approved the Declaration of Independence on July 4, the colonies actually voted for independence on July 2 and the official document wasn’t signed until August 2.
  • John Adams, one of the founding fathers and the second US President, believed that July 2nd was the right day to celebrate the birth of American independence. He reportedly turned down invitations to attend the events on the Fourth of July.
  • Independence Day wasn’t a federal holiday until 1870
  • Fireworks are a staple of Independence Day celebrations. But, do you know that the first fireworks show on the Fourth of July took place in Philadelphia in 1777?
  • Three American presidents – Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Monroe – died on July 4.
  • Every year on this day, the descendants of signatories to the Declaration of Independence ring the Liberty Bell 13 times in honor of the 13 original states.
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