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Top 8 Travel Etiquette Tips for Conversing with Seatmates Onboard


Why are travel etiquettes important? Well, we currently live in a world where more and more people are seemingly avoiding small talk as they spend most of their time on the phone. In such cases, we may become a bit rusty with regard to face-to-face conversations. Good manners while traveling are crucial and help us avoid unnecessary conflicts. Thereby, travel etiquette and safety tips are among the most essential things ever. Follow proper travel etiquettes to enjoy a safe and comfortable flight journey. Who knows, you may even end up making friends with your seatmate!

We’ve got some amazing travel etiquette tips to help those who have a bit of trouble keeping in line when dealing with their seatmates onboard. So check out our short note on travel etiquettes and be a pro at conversing with your seatmates!

Flight Conversation Travel Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts:

Nothing can be a bigger buzzkill than a bad convo with your airplane seatmate when you’re on your way to vacation. Keep the important travel etiquettes listed below in mind the next time you board flights and have a hassle-free trip. These travel etiquettes are especially great solo travel tips for those boarding flights alone.

  1. Smile and be considerate of your seatmate’s privacy

Whether or not your seatmate is already seated before you, smile when you make eye contact. Throw in a “hello” if they to return your smile. Help them stow away their carry-on in case they need assistance. However, don’t intrude on their privacy too much. Just because they seem friendly you shouldn’t expect them to tell you their life story. Remember, you are strangers after all. Also, NEVER leave your things on their seat.

  1. Keep it a simple as possible

One of the top travel etiquettes tips when conversing with your seatmate if to keep the conversation as simple as you can. Maybe you’re making an emergency trip on last minute flights and are jumpy because you’re nervous about the trip. That doesn’t give you the license to turn into a chatty Cathy and dump your burden on your unsuspecting seatmate. Ideally, simply exchanging pleasantries with seatmates who don’t really wish to talk should be enough.

  1. Small talk is the ideal way to go

Simply put, don’t discuss politics, religion, or any other issue that might lead to a debate. Passengers who pick fights over subjective opinions of others have often been deplaned owing to their unruly behavior. Stick to talking about general things such as the weather or the attractions at your travel destination. Since arguments can occur anywhere on the flight, this is among the top business travel etiquettes as well. So do keep this in mind even if traveling on business class flights.

  1. Note your seatmate’s body language

It isn’t mandatory that someone talk to you just because you are seated next to each other. When someone isn’t in the mood to talk, they’ll tell you with their body language as much as with their words. Notice what they say with their actions. Check if your seatmate is turned away from you, fidgeting when you’re talking, looking out the window, wearing earplugs, or doesn’t even acknowledge you. All of these are sure signs they wish to be left alone. So follow good travel etiquettes and give them their privacy.

  1. Let your options be wide open

Not badgering your seatmates with an unwanted conversation is definitely among the best travel etiquettes. However, you will also come across people who’ll actually wish to have a meaningful conversation mid-air. There have been many instances of random strangers becoming friends or business travelers ending up working together. Keep your options open. Just watch for the body language we talked about earlier and take your conversation cues from there.

  1. Keep it down

So it’s good news indeed that your seatmate wants to talk after all! However, that doesn’t mean everyone else on your lane (or the airplane!) wants in on the conversation. Keep your volume low enough so your seatmate can comfortably hear you while also ensuring that others on the flight are undisturbed. This is among the must-follow travel etiquettes when conversing with your seatmates.

  1. Don’t overdrink

There are so many reasons that overdrinking is among the worst travel etiquettes ever. A drink or two is okay to loosen up is flying is among your worst fears. But when you overdrink, you start to lose control over your speech. You won’t even realize that you’re hammered up pretty badly and have started telling your seatmate about the skeletons in your closet. The chances of you being kicked off the flight increase here on.

  1. Be forthright

We aren’t always fortunate enough to encounter seatmates with good manners while traveling. If you find yourself on the receiving end of an unwanted conversation, be blunt enough to tell your seatmate that it’s bothering you. If you’ve been given unwanted and unasked for advice or have been name-called, bring it to the attention of the airline crew. They will take necessary action against the perpetrator. You do not have to tolerate bad behavior from a seatmate under any circumstances.

Do keep in mind all of the above-mentioned travel etiquettes when you next book cheap international flight tickets. Follow them to the best to your abilities and enjoy a peaceful flight journey. Depending on the circumstance, give your seatmate a wide berth if they require it or have a meaningful conversation. Turn a pro at making conversation mid-air!

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