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Emirates Airlines on an Innovation Drive from Virtual Windows to Windowless Aircraft


Emirates Airlines is on an innovation spree and is all set to redefine the future of air travel! Emirates Airlines most recently introduced virtual windows in the first class cabins of some of its latest Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. No matter how luxurious and cozy Emirates’ first class is, some middle-suite passengers find it claustrophobic for having no access to windows on either side during long-haul flights. With brand new virtual windows in Emirates’ first class travel cabins, the middle-suite passengers can now enjoy uninterrupted views from outside the aircraft.

Virtual Windows vs. Real Windows:

In a first-of-its-kind in the aviation industry, “virtual windows” on Emirates Airlines First Class enable passengers of the center or middle suites to enjoy real-time outside views. These virtual windows constitute of three panels the shape and size of real windows on the wall of the middle suite cabin. Instead of glass, the panels offer a high-resolution display of aerial views projected in through cameras mounted to the outside of the airplane. Since the cameras can capture dynamic range far better than the naked eye can see, the projected images are reported to be clearer than actual live views from the window.

“While you might still think this whole “virtual windows” thing is a bit of a gimmick, I’m confident that you’ll feel differently after a long flight in a center suite,” says Zach Honig of The Points Guy clearly impressed by Emirates’ latest addition to their aircraft.

After Delta Airlines’ recent pop-up lounge, this was the latest development in air travel industry that brought joy to middle seat passengers and made first class travel a unique experience for many of them. These virtual windows offer middle suite passengers the chance to enjoy breathtaking aerial views despite no access to real windows. Redefining the future of air travel and improving passenger experience, virtual windows also help aircraft reduce fuel consumption.

How Do Virtual Windows Cut Fuel Costs?

If it becomes a reality, windowless aircraft could go a long way to help reduce fuel consumption. Without windows, aircraft will be lighter, could fly higher and faster, and will burn less fuel. If planes were fitted with only virtual windows in the future, they could function more efficiently and fly faster invariably cutting travel time as well. Virtual Windows are among the most creative ways to reduce fuel consumption. Not only do they use technology to its best but also enhance passenger experience by a large margin. This comes in the wake of predictions at the most recent Annual General Meeting of IATA about a potential 25-per cent increase in fuel prices this year. Not just Emirates but expect other airlines as well to come up with more such unique ideas in a bid to make air travel more efficient, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

Virtual Windows on Emirates Airlines Business Class Flights to India a Possibility?

A lot of frequent flyers book Emirates business class tickets to India on a regular basis owing to the luxury travel opportunity and topnotch service the airline provides. Emirates business class flights to Delhi or Chennai are among the most sought-after ones. So it should come as no surprise if Emirates adds virtual windows on business class flights to Ahmedabad and other major Indian destinations in the near future.

“It’s true. Many of our US-based travelers prefer Emirates Airlines for business class flights to India. The airline is one of our most reliable travel partners and one we book regularly with. We have daily bookings of Emirates business class flights to Hyderabad and Mumbai from major US cities. Virtual windows on Emirates Airlines business class flights to India from USA could definitely make air travel experience better and add to the popularity of the airline. If virtual windows make Emirates’ business class flights a little cheaper, it will be a decent saving for many.” says a travel agent associated with Indian Eagle, a reputed US-based flight booking agency.

Emirates Airlines to Launch Windowless Planes in Future:

Now, Sir Tim Clark, president of the award-winning commercial airline, has suggested that Emirates Airlines could go with complete windowless aircraft down the line. Praising their virtual windows for impeccable clarity, he said that windowless aircraft was Emirates Airlines’ eventual aim. But while Emirates’ virtual windows have garnered support, not everyone is keen on the idea of windowless airplanes. While such planes may have structural benefits, it could be potentially dangerous if the cabin crew is unable to look outside in the event of an emergency, say critics of the idea. The European Aviation Safety Agency feels, however, that there isn’t any “specific challenge” which couldn’t be dealt with to ensure safety on par with the one offered by aircraft with windows.

While there are definite pros and cons to windowless aircraft, only time will test the feasibility of the idea. With the aviation industry making progress in such leaps and bounds, it remains to be seen what the future holds for air travel.

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