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Delta’s Electric Aircraft – A New Mode of Airport Transportation


With the number of vehicles only growing with each passing day, traffic on the roads has been unavoidable. Especially when you have a flight to catch, every moment spent waiting for the route to get cleared is overwhelming. But imagine flying to the airport over all the vehicles stuck on the road. Interesting, isn’t it? Delta’s electric aircraft will do just that once it’s launched in American cities such as New York and Los Angeles

Delta’s Electric Aircraft

Delta Taking Customer Service to Another Level

To make sure its passengers have a hassle-free travel experience, Delta Air Line is planning to start offering services to ferry the flyers to-and-from the airport. They will be collaborating with Joby Aviation to offer rides via electric aircraft. The services will begin post receiving a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. 

This sustainable shuttle solution will be a quiet, clean, and quick medium of transportation to-and-from the airport in the coming future. Also, it is another great step taken to reach the aviation sector’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions

Although the airline has planned to start offering this service at New York and Los Angeles first, it will later be rolled out for other big cities too. 

How Will Delta’s Electric Aircraft Services Work?

The company plans to provide this service via neighborhood vertiports. They are specifically designed for aircraft that fly vertically. These will be located nearer to the passengers houses and won’t affect other residents as those aircraft are curated to be less sound producing than the others. Rooftop helipads that already exist might also be used for Delta’s electric aircraft services. 

One electric aircraft will have four seats for passengers but the number of people who will fly in one will depend on the luggage they are carrying. The passengers will land at the vertiports located close to the terminals to complete their journey. 

An initial investment of $60 million has been made by Delta Air Lines and they are further expected to invest a whopping $140 million later. With this, the partnership between the airline and Joby will be locked for five years in the US and UK. 

And now the million dollar question!

How Much Will Delta’s Electric Aircraft Service Cost?

Although no amount has been announced yet, it is believed to be widely accessible. This is because Delta’s electric aircraft uses electric propulsion; it is more productive, and has a lower maintenance and operating cost

This will be an innovative yet seamless experience and will definitely enhance customer satisfaction. The transformations in technology have really been improving both efficiency, operations and customer experiences. What do you think of Delta’s electric aircraft service? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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