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Delta Air Lines (DL): A Brief History, Destinations, Passenger Services and more!

Delta Air Lines (DL)Passenger Services and more
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Headquartered in Atlanta, this major US airline is among the most awarded airlines in the world and is most commonly known as Delta. When measured in terms of passengers carried – about 120 million scheduled travelers – Delta Air Lines proved to be the World’s Largest Airline in 2013. Delta Air Lines (DL) is a highly reputed and dependable international airline that operated an incredible number of approximately 5,400 flights every single day. An important fact not many are aware of is that Delta Air Lines happens to be a founding member of the world famous SkyTeam airline alliance. It’s also one of the oldest US airlines still functional.

A brief history of Delta Air Lines

Called Huff Daland Dusters, Delta Air Lines was started as a meek crop dusting operation in the year 1924. The sole purpose for which the airline was started was to combat the infestation of valuable cotton crops. Over the years Delta acquired several other airlines and slowly grew to become the powerful international giant that it presently is. Delta Air Lines (DL) that you see today is result of innumerable airline mergers that took place over the course of the airline’s history.

Destinations Delta Air Lines serves

Located in Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport serves as the largest hub of Delta Air Lines (DL). In partnership with its regional affiliates and various subsidiaries, Delta serves an estimated 319 destinations across the world. These places are spread across six continents and the most popular flights that Delta operates are the flights to India. Serving about 54 countries, Delta Air Lines (DL) flights to USA from other places in the world are in high demand as well. This is also the only American airline that flies to destinations such as Copenhagen, Lagos, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, and Accra among a few others.

Delta Air Lines Fleet

In possession of a fleet numbering more than 850 aircraft, Delta Air Lines (DL) operates a series of Airbus, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing aircraft models. The fleet of Delta Air Lines increased in number after its merger with Northwest Airlines. Until then, its fleet size was considerably small. It uses these aircraft to serve a large number of world destinations on a regular basis.

Services offered by Delta Air Lines

  • Delta One

Available of long international flights, this is the premier business class product of Delta Air Lines (DL). The seats come completely flat and are equipped with a number of personal entertainment services such as universal power-ports, a movable reading light, In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system, and a work table that’s foldable.

  • Wi-Fi

One of the many advantages of flying with Delta Air Lines (DL) is that you get access to Wi-Fi on board the flight. This remarkable airline is among the world’s biggest provider of Wi-Fi services in-flight. More than a thousand of its aircraft have been Wi-Fi enabled with internet services being offered on nearly all flights. Business class travelers boarding for a work-related trip find this convenient as they can get some work done on the flight itself.

  • Food Services

Delta Air Lines (DL) has one of the most diverse in-flight menus ever serving a vast variety of cuisines to passengers. This is not all, the international Delta One menu is a seasonal one which means that it changes with the season. So you can expect different types of food when traveling during different times. The meals are made keeping communities in mind and using only the freshest ingredients.

  • Lowest Airfare Offered

For whatever type of itinerary you’re looking for, Delta Air Lines (DL) quotes the lowest airfare it has to offer. Whether at the reservation center, the ticket counter or even if you’re looking for Delta flights elsewhere, you will be shown the lowest airfare Delta has to offer. This will save you precious bucks when looking for cheap flights.

  •  Cancellation Policy

Risk free cancellation policy is one of the best things about booking flights with Delta Air Lines (DL). For instance, you will still have the chance to compare airfares even after you’ve bought a non-refundable Delta air ticket. If you change your mind, you will be allowed to cancel as well as refund your booked ticket until midnight of the next day of the reservation date.

  • Refund Policy

Once you request refund for a ticket, you will receive it within 7 business days if you’ve purchased it using a credit card. In case you made the purchase using cheques or cash, the refund will be processed within 20 business days. Do keep in mind that sometime refund processing days may vary if the credit card used is an international one.

  • Assistance for passengers with disabilities and special needs

Delta Air Lines (DL) has as its top priority the comfort of passengers who are disabled or have special needs. From taking care of their transportation needs between the gates to assisting them to board and deboard the flight, the airline makes sure its offers them only the best service. Their medical requirements will also be met by Delta to the best of its ability.

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