Home News CTiX Machines to Enhance Security Process at Major Airports in India Soon

CTiX Machines to Enhance Security Process at Major Airports in India Soon

CTiX Machines to Enhance Security Process at Major Airports in India
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Air travel can be tedious, especially during international travel. Most people tend to carry a lot of luggage on long-haul flights to India. And this can result in long queues at the airport. But with the advent of technology, the screening process at airports has been improving. And the Indian aviation industry is also making significant changes to enhance passenger experiences. Soon, cutting-edge CTiX machines will further reduce the passenger security queues at major airports in India. 

CTiX machines at Indian airports will likely roll out in 2023. These advanced machines will revolutionize the security screening process by eliminating the need to remove electronic items and liquids from cabin bags during X-ray screening.

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A CTiX machine utilizes Computed Tomography technology to create detailed 3D models of the contents inside passengers’ cabin bags. The CTiX machines have already proven their worth in major airports around the world. Now, these will be installed at some of the busiest airports in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata. 

The installation of CTiX machines will begin in December, and it promises to revolutionize the security screening process at Indian airports. These machines significantly expedite the process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for passengers. This will further improve the customer service at these airports. 

The prospect of faster security checks comes as a breath of fresh air for passengers traveling to India with Indian Eagle cheap tickets. As the country’s airports witness a surge in travelers, ensuring safety and efficiency is of paramount importance. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) recognizes this and has initiated the ‘Aviation Security Culture Week’ at 131 airports, including major hubs like Mumbai.

Aviation Security Culture Week

The ‘Aviation Security Culture Week’ is a comprehensive effort to educate the flying public about their role in ensuring aviation security. The theme, “See it, Say it, Secure it,” resonates with passengers, encouraging them to be vigilant and proactive in cooperating with security staff. The week-long event includes information booths, kiosks, and security awareness cards, all aimed at fostering a security-conscious culture among travelers.

One of the primary objectives of the ‘Aviation Security Culture Week’ is to enlighten passengers about the dos and don’ts when it comes to carrying items on flights. A prominent challenge faced by airport authorities is the presence of prohibited items in cabin bags, leading to “rejected” bags during X-ray screening. At Mumbai airport alone, approximately 7,000 out of the 60,000 cabin bags screened daily contain prohibited items, necessitating manual checks by CISF security personnel. The revelation of such alarming numbers underscores the importance of awareness campaigns like the ‘Aviation Security Culture Week.

Posters displaying the list of prohibited items are strategically positioned at security counters to remind passengers of the regulations. Ensuring that passengers are well-informed about the permitted and restricted items in both cabin and check-in bags is a vital step towards streamlining the security screening process.

With the advent of CTiX machines and the ongoing ‘Aviation Security Culture Week,’ Indian airports are setting new standards for aviation security. By promoting a security-conscious mindset and embracing state-of-the-art technology, the aviation industry in India is taking a giant leap forward in ensuring safety and efficiency for travelers. As the government dedicates resources and efforts to enhance security measures, passengers can look forward to a more streamlined and enjoyable travel experience at the country’s airports.

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