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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 safely during COVID-19


Thanksgiving usually brings flashes of large gatherings, family get-togethers, and elaborate feasts, not to mention the unlimited fun! But 2020 is different, where the traditional Thanksgiving celebrations of the yesteryears are off-limits. Life is far from returning to normal anytime soon, so let’s redefine the Thanksgiving tradition for our own safety. As Indian Eagle wishes you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, we also bring to you the safest ways of celebrating Thanksgiving 2020. Don’t stress yourself out as the big day is right around the corner, and the super contagious Coronavirus is spread everywhere. Adopt these measures and celebrate a safe Thanksgiving 2020.

Keep your celebrations low-key:

This is not the time for huge gatherings, overflowing Thanksgiving tables, or revelries. Although Thanksgiving is no fun without the whole family and friends, it is safer to downscale your guest list, or even better to limit it to the members of your own household. If you wish to invite guests, health experts suggest that you welcome to your home your immediate neighbors whose ‘pandemic-related behavior’ is more or less similar to you.

Dine together virtually:

We have seen many events and celebrations going digital this year, including the 94th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s not a bad idea to follow suit and host a virtual get-together for your extended family and friends. Schedule a virtual Thanksgiving dinner and share a meal together while being miles apart. This is probably the safest way of celebrating Thanksgiving 2020 that also helps you overcome homesickness during the festive season.

Send packed food to your loved ones:

The threat of coronavirus urges us to socialize less but not care less. If you cannot invite your near and dear ones to your Thanksgiving dinner due to various reasons revolving around the risks of COVID-19, you could still find ways to strengthen your bond with your neighbors by sending over the Thanksgiving meals. Pack the festival-special food carefully and deliver it to your neighbors and friends who live away from their families. Enrich their Thanksgiving meal, which surely enriches their Thanksgiving 2020 experience.

A socially-distanced Thanksgiving dinner outdoors:

If community gathering has been your Thanksgiving tradition and you cannot imagine a Thanksgiving dinner without it, one of the safest ways of celebrating Thanksgiving 2020 for you would be to arrange a Thanksgiving meal outdoors complying with social distancing guidelines. While you host the Thanksgiving dinner outdoors, say your backyard, take care that the food preparation areas are not contaminated. You could also plan a potluck dinner encouraging each family to bring their own food.

What does CDC say about a Thanksgiving holiday?

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has released a set of guidelines for a safe Thanksgiving holiday, in which it highlights the basic safety protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and keeping a safe distance of 6 feet from others while attending or hosting Thanksgiving. It recommends celebrating Thanksgiving at home with a limited number of guests and avoiding travel to minimize exposure to the virus. CDC’s safest ways of celebrating Thanksgiving 2020 also suggest that people do the Thanksgiving shopping online, watch parades, sports, and movies at home, and carry their own cutlery while attending Thanksgiving dinner.


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